Switch Opens 

It has recently come to my attention that some people have been reading back over my blog, and potentially coming to some bleak conclusions about me.

Most of the content on this blog was penned many moons ago, and as with all things, I have undergone changes; changes for the better.

While I'm not sure if I will make a return to blogging (I've shifted to micro-blogging in the form of Facebook status posts and tweets), I had to decide if I was going to erase some of the more depressing entries contained in this digital space.

After a few days of thought, the decision I came to was to allow all the posts to remain on display for all. Even though I have become a far more optimistic individual, financially stable (and engaged to an incredible woman!) than the person who originally babbled this stuff that you see before you, it does in fact represent who I was and where I came from. Good or bad, it is me.

Take it as you will. Judge me or don't.

At the very least, ideally some of the posts are at least a tiny degree amusing. Especially when I talk about Craig and I working on our film, Land of Entrapment. Those are all posts from July 2004 through August.

*goes to read those again*

So, yah. Perhaps I'll post again, perhaps not. We'll see. Until then, keep up with my twitter at:
http://twitter.com/#!/DanteHicks79, or if you're lucky enough to be in my friends list on Facebook, watch out for my posts there.

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