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the chinese have a curse that extends back several millennia, which says "may you live in interesting times," the idea being that sometimes life is really best when nothing is going on. as the yin/yang philosophy would dictate, there are two sides to this. while i can certainly agree that you don’t always want a whole lot going on (especially if it is bad – and usually it is), having too little activity in one’s life can quickly drive oneself to madness.

roughly a year ago, while sitting on the couch in the back of the control room to the scoring stage at skywalker ranch up in marin, i had uploaded what unintentionally would result in becoming my final blog post update in a long time.

so i figured it would only be fair to resume my blog with an entry penned at that very same spot.

once again, david has returned to the most awesome of recording studio facilities imaginable, and masato and i were granted the opportunity to go and join him for the session.

a lot has happened in the last year.

since my last post, i have seen the band rush perform live in concert four different times now (while wearing the same rush shirt that i got at my first show last summer with monica), visited vegas a couple times, bought a brand new toyota corolla due to my miata succumbing to an annoying laundry list of mechanical issues, been promoted to shift supervisor at work, purchased an iPod touch (which i absolutely love more than life itself), started a 365 project on flickr (where you take a self portrait every day for one year) and still have not yet moved out on my own or had any new promising romantic encounters.

throughout all of that, my financial status has bounced up and down nearly as much as a stray weather buoy that floats about in the ocean. in fact, i can’t help but dwell on the interesting juxtaposition of my immediately present situation. here sits i, in a room with an estimated net worth of several million dollars, and yet i am in possession of less than thirty bucks to claim to my name.

this current week has been of the crazy whirlwind variety. masato and i went out to the concord pavilion on sunday evening to see rush perform on the second leg of their snakes & arrows tour, and the following morning i set off down the california interstate system towards los angeles to spend a couple days visiting with monica, and again see rush at the nokia theater with her.

i returned to the bay area on late wednesday evening in time enough to get a few meek hours of sleep before working a seven am shift at the store, and am finishing off the week with a couple days here at the scoring stage while we record the monte vista high school orchestra and choir. yesterday afternoon, as we dined on tri-tip steak in the ranch house, the legend himself, uncle george entered the room, ordered something for eats, and asked the staff to send it over to the meeting room where it appeared there was some sort of indy conference going on.

as monica has pointed out, it seems like life for a lot of people has been a game of up and down, good and bad, oftentimes happening within a very rapid period of time. the roller coaster action of the universe seems to be happening at a bizarrely schizophrenic pace. quite frankly, i’m getting wary of it.

for the past four months, i have been living on the thin border between being completely broke and just barely getting by. during my stay in sin city for the nab conference last month, i was overcharged significantly enough by a restaurant in the hilton that my account was over drafted, and though the money was eventually returned to me, the process took long enough a time that i was penniless for the rest of the trip, left to bum money off of craig until i returned home.

at least if i am to lose all of my money while in las vegas, i would rather have it occur through at least the more conventional means such as gambling or getting shit faced at an overpriced casino bar.

or at a strip club. as spring marveled at when i informed her, the last time i got some naughty is almost a year and half ago. losing money on seeing exposed body parts of the opposite sex is far more preferable in my opinion than checking your balance and seeing that somebody’s expensive meal completely drained your account.

as those who follow my 365 photo stream are aware, not even four months after i had acquired my new vehicle did some inconsiderate soul decide i needed to deal with the bullshit hassle of filing an auto accident claim. on my commute to cupertino one bitterly cold december evening to operate a camera for a christmas program, the car behind me failed to stop after i had braked to avoid hitting the non-moving mercedes in front of me who in turn had stopped from a rush hour traffic jam ironically instigated by a different accident further on down the road.

what all this means is that even though the insurance company of the driver at fault had paid for the repair work, the deductible was my responsibility, and that amount has still not been refunded back to me as the driver’s insurance company is proving to be frustratingly difficult in negotiating my money back to me.

that inconvenience began a long pattern for 2008 of me having only slightly enough money to forage a less than ideal living condition. it’s actually a turn of good luck for me that i’m not living away from family, as i would have likely been evicted from an apartment for failing to produce enough rent quite some time ago.

some of you can probably imagine how disheartening it can be to work a strenuous number of hours and still somehow have almost nothing to show for the effort. especially when all of the plans and ideas that i have swirling about in my mind require a lot more money than i currently can budget for.

but the year is still for the most part young, and there are several more intense periods of busy work on my horizon. at the end of this month, i will be employed at the fanimecon once again, this year serving an official staff position in the artist alley, and then in july i will be a camera operator for the western states youth gathering down in anaheim.

i don’t make any promises that i will resume the frequent blogging status i once held, but there for sure will be more posts to arrive in the near future. right now, i am more focused with the 365 project on flickr, and being the adhd creature of habit that i am, there are only so many consistent daily tasks i can dedicate myself to upholding.

but i will make more of an effort, even if it is only on a weekly/bi-monthly basis.

it’s good to be back.

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