in the caves the textures coat my skin 

in addition to providing for us a unique glimpse at humanity, and showing us that green alien women are the skanks of the universe, star trek let us know that things that end in an odd number, such as every single odd numbered star trek film, generally suck ass.

and so we enter 2007. the new contender for the year of suck, and here it is only a month into it (although, that month flew by rather quickly). 2005 definitely came off as one of the worst years ever, and if this year continues on the trend that it has been following, i have the most dreadful feeling that things are going to get much, much worse.

granted, not every moment has been all bad. there have been some positives going on, but in general, there has just been an avalanche of lame.

obviously my blog has fallen beyond the wayside for the time being, and i’m kinda in a state of flux as to what the future might hold for this space. on one hand, i want to keep this thing going and make a more concerted effort towards posting and updating. however, time has been traveling past me at such a high rate of speed, i can barely keep up anymore. as the genius comedian lewis black commented on during one of his hbo stand-up gigs, one noteworthy item pops out of the news for him to chew on, and by the time he has created any material worthy of that topic, ten other things have happened that completely trump the original subject.

then there is the fact that i get so few comments on my blog as it is, and really, while it is totally vain and not important or shouldn’t even be a factor in what determines whether i blog or not, it still does have a general effect on my attitude. i don’t know... i suppose that i like the satisfaction of hearing feedback from people that they actually read what i took the time to write, and that they have their own perspective to lean on it. when i see sites like becca’s that get forty comments less than six hours after she posts, and i barely garner six comments over a period of a month and a half, i kinda lose all hope that i’ll ever be a highly trafficked blog site. of course, i suppose that my lacking in posting directly affects how many people ever do return here to read my rantings in the first place, so touché internet.

for the most part in the month of january, i had a lot of fairly poor days. i don’t know how many times i’ve gorged on swiss cake rolls or kookaburra liquorice as a reward for having just simply *lived* through several days in the last couple weeks. or driven home by way of crystal springs road, which as i have mentioned before is off the beaten path and away from most of civilization, simply in order to have a few moments of wind down peace before i get home.

right after the first of the year, some members of my family got the brilliant idea to take all the boxes and random items from the shelves of the garage and dump them all in the middle of the floor, in an effort to go through all our belongings and pair down on all the crap that’s been taking up valuable space. normally this concept of spring cleaning takes place during... well... the "spring," and not during the rainiest fucking season of the year.

with the back window on my convertible top being cracked and useless, the garage was the one place where i didn’t have to worry about the interior of my car being completely ruined by nightly downfalls. although to be honest, it only rained six or seven nights out of the entire month of january, which has prompted a lot of the environmental agencies and waterworks to royally freak out, since if we don’t get more rain in the next few weeks, it’s going to be a very dry year in california. go el niño, i guess.

of course, right after the garage became off-limits for any vehicles until the mess gets straightened out (which as a matter of fact, is still a mess since nobody has had any free time in the last four weeks to get up there and make more than a fraction of a dent in the fray), i had to go and back my fucking car into the steel beam on the rear of an errant tow truck while leaving the parking lot at work after a particularly lousy day. the resulting collision shattered my driver’s side window and bent the frame to the convertible top enough that i have to exert some considerable effort to raise or lower the top, being that it doesn’t quite bend the way it’s supposed to anymore.

in addition to all that drama and noise going on with my car, i spent six hundred dollars on general maintenance in december (which wasn’t a bad price for spark plugs, wiring, vents, filters, new belts, and a general tune-up – something i have neglected to do with my car for the whole six years that i have owned it so far), and as i was driving to chipotles over in foster city one night to get some tacos (man i am addicted to that place), upon discovering that they were closed early that night for cleaning and reconstruction, as i drove home, the tail pipe on my car simply fell off in the middle of traffic. it happened at a rather inconvenient overpass, and i had to pull several u-turns and illegal maneuvers to get back onto that road so that i could run out to dodge traffic and retrieve the part.

even though my muffler assembly is still attached, my car is now significantly louder as i drive, making me a bit nervous that some cop at some point is going to cite me for having a noisy vehicle, as we all know that while the police do a lot of hard work in serving the public and making our towns "safe," california cops are also notorious for making lots of needless trouble when they have better things to go do.

things came to a total head with this last recent week, which i have deemed the worst week of the year so far for sure. i’ve been battling a terrible head cold *and* allergies for the last several weeks, and from monday on, it just got progressively worse. every single day this week, i had early ass morning shifts at work, it has been around or below freezing in our area for the last month or so every morning, and most of the customers annoyed me in some insignificantly trivial way or another. i was also angered by the fact that none of the closing crews this week actually did half of their jobs properly at night, and left rather inconvenient messes and other unnecessary situations for the morning staff to deal with.

highlights from this week included the morning i was carrying a box of coffee stir sticks out to one of the condiment bars, the bottom of the box dropped out, and every last one of the 100 wooden sticks (which are fairly rough and give lots of splinters) spilled out all over the floor in front of the twenty customers waiting in line. rather than get the broom and dustpan out to take care of the mess (which wouldn’t have worked, our brooms are shitty and don’t really do much), i bent down to pick them up, and subsequently pulled my groin muscle.

or friday morning, when on the first ten minute break early into my shift, i totally forgot that the cap to my odwalla smoothie was off the bottle, and when i went to shake it, doused the room, myself, and my clothing in blueberry drink. the rest of the day i had to walk around with parts of my hair crusted over since i wasn’t able to get all of the liquid out before it had dried and hardened on my head. even my co-workers did their best to try to cheer me up, since i wasn’t my usual goofy, chipper self this week.

i also over the course of this week managed to burn my hands and wrists numerous times by spilling espresso shots and steamed milk, as well as getting singed from the hot water tap, the coffee shuttles, and the steam wands on the espresso machines.

to top all this off, my sciatic nerve has been spasming out like crazy. it’s getting to the point where anytime i cough, sneeze, or stand up, i feel a shooting pain race through my left leg from my foot all the way up to my ass. it’s really quite the suck.

however, there has been some good, as i mentioned earlier. for starters, i ditched the sofa from my room and for the first time in five years, i have an honest to God bed. with mattress, springs, and everything. it’s quite something to behold, and i’ve been sleeping a lot better since i got it (although, i have been cheating myself out of a full night’s worth of sleep for some years now with the schedule that i keep).

masato and i also finally trucked over the motorcycle that he wanted to get rid of, so i now have a hog, man. a chopper. well, not really. it’s a 1974 honda 450 cb bike, and it needs a touch of tender loving care before i can actually use it, but it’s a start. at least until the day i can afford a harley fat boy or an indian. it’ll be fun to train on, and i plan on using it to cut down on the gas mileage that eats into my bank account by commuting to work on that instead of putting additional wear on my poor car.

also as i stated, i have recently become a raging addict of chipotles. the restaurant chain, not the actual pepper. in one week alone, i think i had it five or six times, two of those times being in the same day at different times, and i still get ridiculous cravings for it every once and a while. come to think of it, it’s probably been a week or so since i have last had it, which is a bit too long in my opinion.

at any rate. that’s the situation. them’s the bones, as they might say. dunno why i just said that, as i really hate lame clichés like that. don’t ask, and i won’t tell.

fair enough.

maybe i’ll post again soon, maybe i won’t. i hardly ever know what i am doing anymores… i think i am just sticking with the whole auto-pilot-through-life thing until something better arises. anytime i attempt to effect a change in my life, either something major happens that prevents me from moving forward (i don’t always deal with adversity in the bestest of manners) or i lose whatever ambitions i had and go back to being a lazy sloth.

one thing for damn sure though is certain. craig and i have set an ultimate deadline for the completion of land of entrapment. as of february 28th, whatever is not finished for the movie is a tough shame, because that’s when we are calling it quitsies. at least, that is my plan. craig wanted to call quits and declare the movie finished a long time ago, but i insisted on working more on cleaning up the dialogue in the film so that is actually understandable, especially in a few key scenes where the volume levels fluctuate so wildly that without any kind of fix, the issue is terribly distracting and ruins the entire scene. i’ve finally reached the point where i don’t care what we don’t end up finishing though, as it basically just needs to be done and over with so that we can finally move on with it and onto other projects.

that is, if craig even wants me to help out on future endeavors. i’ve probably dealt a huge amount of damage to our friendship by preventing a speedy completion to this film by holding onto it as long as i have, since i was technically given a locked print of the movie to work on the sound with a year and a half ago. there really isn’t even a good excuse for it, since i probably could have arranged my schedule to be way more conducive to working on finishing it up in timelier fashion, so i haven’t been feeling all that wonderful with regards to my weak foray into filmmaking lately, either.

that’s perhaps one of the most distressing things about 2007 so far. i’m starting off a new year knowing that i’ve pretty much ruined whatever trust that my best friend might have had in me.

i really do hope this year gets better...

in the meantime, i’m gonna go get some chipotle before i gotta head off to work.

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