at the late night double feature 

craig has put together the first trailer for our film, land of entrapment. we originally hosted it as a quicktime movie on both the 505Films site, and our myspace page, but some people have experienced issues with it not playing, so i have also thrown it onto youtube as well.

you can view it here: Land of Entrapment Trailer

we're getting closer every day towards finishing this damn film, and moving on to another project. hope ya enjoy!

  • 9.17.2006

    all my nerves are naked wires tender to the touch 

    ok, so as i had stated at one point in one of my last posts, there has been a lot going on.

    for starters, meagan and i are no longer. really, it’s for the best, since we work a lot better as friends instead of something more. in fact, the day after one of my last posts was when we finally came to a mutual decision to call things off.

    after my failure in that relationship, i am coming to realize that about the last thing i need is to commit myself to a serious relationship, especially since it has been illustrated so obviously clear that i am not really ready to handle something along those lines. for now, i am focusing on keeping anything that develops between myself and any future potential romantic interests fairly light and jovial, in order to get a bit more experience with just having fun dating and not rushing into such a deep relationship.

    i’ve also been working a lot, and when i say a lot, that is an understatement. normally i am usually assigned shifts that are anywhere from four hours to eight hours, with no real consistency as to the length of time i am scheduled. however, since my finances have been less than pleasant these past few months, i requested more hours so that i can help beef up my paychecks. over the last three weeks, i have been working at least eight hours a day, if not more. while that may not seem like a lot, compared to people who normally work a full eight hour day, keep in mind that i’m on my feet *and* moving about all day. wah, wah. yeah, i know. i bitch way too much, but since this is my blog, i feel the prerogative is mine to say what i wish.

    a nice development at work: i am being considered for a promotion to a supervisor. i’d have more responsibility, and some authority, which is of course fairly exciting. the one major thing i am worried about is the cash handling, since i suck completely at math. like, badly. i could sit and count a stack of bills and come up with several wildly different totals, so i have a feeling that i’ll be sextuple checking all my numbers for a while. although admittedly, part of it is that i tend to rush things and go a bit too fast, but even still. i’m always worried that i’ll fuck up some detail or forget to carry a one and end up hosing things supremely.

    anyways. this monday i will have my first day off in the past eight days, and instead of using that time to sit back and rest for a while, david and i are heading back up to the foley stage at sf state to start working on the reels of the film that craig sent out to us on dvd. we’ve already been back once again (on my last day off) since the first time a few months ago, and this last time we were able to tackle about ten minute’s worth of the film, sound effect wise. i’m also (as of this writing), sitting in david’s office down in cupertino, working on editing the dialogue for the first reel.

    it’s a really painful process of trying to find the absolute best recordings of the spoken lines that we have from all of the production audio, in order to help make the dialogue a bit more intelligible. so far, it is slow going, but with the help of some incredibly badass filters and plug-ins for protools, we are moving steadily along.

    the only reason my monetary situation has been so shitty lately was that as i stated before, i had originally planned on being on the crew for a film that a friend of mine was shooting in los angeles, and from which i would have been paid quite handsomely. since that fell through, and i had foolishly assumed that i would be in possession of far more money than i ended up not having, my own dumbassness landed me royally screwed.

    this weekend brought some good news, however. the mailman today delivered the pink slip of my car to me from the credit union, which, if i’m not mistaken, means that my car loan has been paid off and i no longer need to keep making auto payments, since the title is now in my name and not theirs. i’m not entirely one hundred percent sure, so on tuesday after i get off work, i’m gonna head over to the credit union and double check. if this is the case, than i get to save an extra two hundred fifty bucks a month from my paychecks, which will aid considerably when masato and i go out hunting for our own place in january. my car loan was originally supposed to be up last year, however out of desperation with computer woes, i tacked on an extra amount to the loan in order to purchase my laptop (which was one of *the* smartest decisions i have *ever* made).

    so, that definitely brightens things up a bit.

    additionally, i have been working on the opening title sequence to another film that billy, one of the actors in land of entrapment, made. the bit is entirely animated in after effects, and it has been taking way longer than i cared for it to. the majority of whatever free time that i have had in the past month that didn’t involve me making lattes or passed the fuck out has been spent animating this credit sequence. i’ve encountered a number of really annoying issues in the process; having to use photocopiers to scale down the background material that needed to be scanned in (so that my scanner could actually scan the entire page), assemble a rather large collage in photoshop (at the moment, an image that is close to 1gb in file size), and mess with some of the animation pre-sets in after effects that only work half the time. not to mention, in order to time everything to the music just right, i have to create 1khz marker tones at each significant point in the audio in order to see my key frames in the waveform view of the music track in the project, since after effects won't preview a project in real-time until after it has been completely rendered. if i can get this sequence to do two thirds of what i want it to, i will be happier than a pig in shit. it’s been taking altogether way too long to get it done, and i feel like a total deadbeat for not being able to provide some solid results to my "client" in a much more timely fashion.

    a few weeks ago, i began talking with a customer who comes into my store daily, and who happens to be a professional web designer. he and his wife have expressed interest in taking over the changes and revamping that craig and i wish to see happen to the 505 films website. for a while now, the administrative back end has been less than functional, and we both feel that the design needs a bit of an overhaul, especially since we plan on doing a lot with the site in the near future. in the next month or so, you can expect to see some drastic changes to our film site, as well as some cool new material to check out on there once everything is done.

    and then of course, there is my blog, which has been more than neglected. i feel terrible that i have left it to the wayside, and while i would love to promise that there will be more frequent posts, there is really no guarantee. there just seems to be too much going on right now to be able to comfortably manage it all. although, the more comments that i get, the more inspired i might be to post more often…

    as if that all weren’t enough, i am in fact also working on compiling a video blog post. i shall offer you no promise as to when it will be done, but i am doing my best to make sure it isn’t another month or so before you all get to see it.

    one side note of interest: while going back over and listening to all of the production audio from land of entrapment, i am getting a rush of specific, fond memories. it’s quite amusing to hear all of the odd banter that we passed back and forth between takes, and the time the boom operator fell over backwards and yelled out a string of obscenities that sent the crew into fits of laughter. makes me a bit nostalgic to go back and make more films (once land of entrapment is done and over with, of course).

    in fact, that is yet one more final item that has begun consuming my time. in between everything else that i have going (yeah, i do take on a bit too much at times), craig and i have initiated a contest to see who can get their screenplay finished first. i am going back over and re-doing the script i originally penned last year for my film about people working in a call center, to see if i can get a decent story out of it, and craig has started work on his western piece. whichever script is finished first becomes the next project that we shall work on, and the person who wins gets to be director.

    cross your fingers that i can work magic with phonies, because unless lighting strikes the pages and somehow creates an awesome story out of thin air, i’m up shit creek without a paddle. considering the way the screenplay looks currently, i figure it is going to take a lot of effort to turn it into something usable.

    more to follow soon...

  • 9.04.2006


    i am not dead, nor gone from the world of blogging.

    just supremely busy at the moment. update is coming to you all very soon... please stand by.

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