they formed a band the likes of which had never been seen 

technically i shouldn't even be awake right now.

i am driving back down to el camino pines to help out at the family campout for the holiday weekend, and currently am planning on leaving the house at six am.


four and a half hours to sleep.

just wanted to let you guys know i'll be gone for a few days, but should be back monday night.

enjoy the memorial day weekend ladies and gentlemen! :-)

now i must slumber. i hope there isn't holiday traffic *that* early in the morning.....

please return all tray tables and seat backs to their original, upright position.

  • 5.27.2004

    his reserve a quiet defense, riding out the day’s events 


    at least wednesday was slightly better than the previous two days of this week.

    work was seemingly ok; today i picked up both the vcr and trinity/matrix figure that i bought over our company's want ads.

    normally i wouldn't touch vhs tapes (i disdainly figure them to be instruments of all evil), but until i actually invest the money in a tivo, they are my only means of recording the shows that i currently lack the resources to stay up and watch anymore (aqua teen) as well as that 70's show which currently airs at the most inconvenient of times, the last hour before work gets out for the day.

    my plan eventually is to cap and encode these two shows into glorious bite-sized mpeg's that i can then watch on my system at my leisure. of course, that would be after i get the damn capture device to work. so far, the driver refuses to install. i assume i should probably reboot my system before i attempt installing it again, but i'm currently experiencing both a laziness/apathy symptom which is forcing me to delay taking such steps until a time later when i feel compelled to try making it work.

    hopefully the above paragraph was needlessly complex enough. if not, lemme know. i'll throw in some more bullshit and big words to further drive a wedge of confusion into the world, distracting it for just the right amount of time while i carry out my dasterdly scheme.

    for the past few days, there has been a giant spider living in my bathtub. he's not really bothering anything, and spiders don't usually phase me (unless they happen to actually be crawling on me) so i've left him be, but it would seem that the fiberglass walls of the basin are too slick for him to be able to climb up, and he has yet to try latching onto anything with his spinnerette and free himself of the prison he inhabits. he just sits there and looks up at me whenever i go to use the toilet; staring silently and looking slightly depressed at his rather grim predicament.

    so far, i've only been able to go to bed before midnight twice this week. so much for my plans of getting a better night's sleep to curb the aggressive irritability that has been making me "an unbearable person to live with any longer."

    oh. and dad was searching for odd music and found the theme to the original star trek played on bagpipes. *convince me* that that's not the coolest fucking concept ever.

    weather and sports are up next....

  • 5.25.2004

    he used to stay awake to drive the dreams he had away 

    this week is hastily degrading into one of the least enjoyable weeks in my existence on this planet.

    that's all i care to say about that for now.

    maybe if i wish real hard, i can wake up tomorrow to a different reality.


  • 5.24.2004

    tell me where do you go, i whanna know; where do you go? 

    ever have those mornings where you wake up and already you're re-arranging your schedule so that you can go to sleep at an earlier time?

    that was my morning.

    thankfully i got up on time and made it to work, despite having slept only four hours the night before.

    this weekend was great and a lot of fun, but it seems like whenever i come off a natural high, the real world is ready and willing to start smacking me down and putting me back in my place.

    it's as if the cosmos decree "no, you are way too happy. we need you to suffer some more now."

    the call volume at work today was fucking sick. we were slammed pretty much the whole afternoon, and my performance level won't be helped by my getting an extended lunch period to go and willingly give away more of my hard earned money to re-new the registration on my car. at least if i get pulled over now, it won't be for expired tags...

    likewise with the e-mails and serial number requests: they were endless. we didn't even bother making an attempt to handle every last request; we just tried to get everything within service level (less than twelve hours since the most recent request) before we all wearily headed home. i couldn't seem to catch a break today; everything i was doing seemed to be wrong and to suggest that my concentration was wandering would be a weak understatement.

    i stayed behind for a half hour or so and caught up with some people on im chat. for some reason, i enjoy pain and continue talking to this one girl who keeps indicating that she should ditch her current boyfriend and hook up with me. she and i shared a special evening close to a year ago now (no, i didn't get some if that's what you're thinking), and ever since she and i talk to each other regularly.

    the problem is she is a major tease and i'm too dumb to stop being played like a chump.

    came home after feeling significantly beaten emotionally, and the family all seemed to be in their own tiffs for some reason or other. i'm not gonna even bother caring at this point today; nobody seemed to care that i had a lousy day as well and that i had my own issues to deal with, so i'd rather not give a fuck about their problems right now either.

    hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    i think this is the first time in close to six months that i've headed off to bed before midnight.

  • 5.23.2004

    there is hope; echoing in the dark 

    my apologies; i've been super busy lately.

    my schedule will be more open in a few days, and i'll resume a more regular blogging schedule.

    so far, the musical has gone great. we're doing six performances total; we've already gotten through four.

    another drummer (kevin) and i switch off each show, so i played opening night (which went really well; much better than the previous night's dress), then he played friday night and i played the saturday matinee at two.

    so far, the third show has been the best one. i don't say that just because i happened to be playing that particular show; however, the music finally clicked and all of the cast and band were able to nail every song and scene almost perfectly. if there had to be only one keeper to walk away with, the third show was the one.

    two more left.

    last night during the fourth show, i finally got to actually see the action from out front; every other time i've been backstage either playing drums or percussion. that evening i was the head camera guy and got to use the nice broadcast sony betacam sp unit. that thing makes home camcorders look like playskool toys.

    i've been meaning to work on a dozen or so projects, and haven't had time for *any* of them. i ended up sleeping in saturday morning since i've had less then three or four hours of sleep on average each night this week. after waking up a little before noon, i put some effort into a counter-strike level and beginning to assemble some artwork for becca to use in the design for the lappy comic website.

    i just took a shower a bit ago (1:30am) and am now just waiting for my hair to dry enough to the point where it won't resemble a dead cat when i wake up in the morning.

    hmm; it would seem i use semi-colons a *lot*. guess they're my favorite punctuation.

    my eyes grow weary and my site grows dim. sleep shall i must.

  • 5.20.2004

    though his mind is not for rent, don't put him down as arrogant 

    the other night i broke a cardinal rule of tech support.

    as a customer service representative, one of the first and foremost things you must always do is respect any other tech support rep for any other compny; no matter how much they may piss you off or drive you batty with their inane, backwards ass logic. they go through just as much hell and shit as you do, so you hafta show the love by treating them the way you would wish to be treated when talking to a customer.

    i was at home on the phone with an the accounting department for an internet service provider, and i kinda lost it when the rep seemed to be clueless and rude, and hence i swiftly proceeded to open up a can.

    appearently the "account number" on your billing statement doesn't count for jack; they can't use that number in any meaningful way and because i have taken up residence in seven different houses since originally registering with this online service, they no longer had any contact information that they could verify my account nor myself with (though they sure as fuck had no issues with continuing to punch holes in my bank account nonetheless).

    the guy barely spoke comprehendable english (can we say, outsourced?), so anytime i tried to explain (calmly at first) what my situation was, he kept reciting the same phone script over and over again. finally when i confronted him about the account number and their bogus system, he informed me that he couldn't assist me further, which sent me into a slightly justifiable rage.

    being a tech support rep myself, i *know* that there is *always* more than just one or two steps to get an issue resolved; this guy seemed more interested in maintaining a high call volume instead of providing actual useful assistance (the company i work for is one of the few exceptions; they don't strictly enforce call times so long as you make progress towards resolving the issue). i demanded to speak with his manager, which he flatly denied me. that was the part that sent me completely over the edge.

    i've been on calls before that degraded into a supervisor callback; they're by no means fun or enlightening yet i *always* actually follow through on them by providing my boss with the necessary info to get the issue escalated and hopefully resolved. not doing so would be sealing my fate and kissing the job goodbye. this guy didn't seem to understand that concept.

    after ripping the guy a new one, he "transferred" me to their cancellation department; which essentially means he put me on hold and then terminated the call.

    enraged, i scoured the company's website and procured a corporate number, which i not only got a response from, but actually got a competent person who was more than happy to provide any assistance to a customer. i was most impressed by how much better this person handled the situation; the previous guy was still stuck in his pre-scripted world with no concept of improvisation when things don't flow in an ideal manner.

    however, the overall moral point still stands; i shouldn't have acted like an ass and bitched the first guy out. after all, karma can be a real bitch, ya know?

    which perhaps explains why the power outtage in our neighborhood yesterday morning completely fragged my router.

    thursday night (20th) is opening night of our musical. wish me luck. i totally fucked up the majority of the first act last night and part of the second act at dress .

    but to my credit, i was way too busy being distracted by that one young girl i mentioned in a previous post, who was shaking her bum up against my hi-hat stand during one of the songs while flashing me a sinfully wicked smirk on her face.....

  • 5.18.2004

    i know your first reaction; you slide away and hide away goodbye 

    in the last four years of periodically working in technical support, i have *never* encountered a call that was seriously more fucked up than the one fate dealt me with this morning.

    for starters, the woman sounded completely stoned out of her gourd. that's always a plus. she kept babbling for the most part, and wouldn't really ever shutup when i tried to explain to her just how fucking whacked what she was saying sounded.

    she honestly had been convinced by her friends that by playing our video game, she was inadvertently controlling the life of a *real* person without their knowledge or consent.

    i am dead. fucking. serious.

    i nearly lost it by almost laughing right from the get go as soon as she dropped *that* bomb, and no manner of coaxing on my part seemed to be able to convince her otherwise. she was scared shitless that some poor soul out there in the world was suffering all the in-humane things she was doing to her digital characters.

    mind you of course; this paranoid delusion did not prevent her from continuning to exact such intolerable levels of cruelty to her computerized minions.

    the killer came when she also inquired quite angrily about having not yet received any checks for the amount of money she has earned in the game. after several attempts to explain the delicate concept of "fictious" to her failed miserably, i finally told her that the money in the video game was essentially the same concept as the money in monopoly. as in, not real.

    that seemed to change her tune; yet i really wanted to strongly urge this woman to move to a different town since it sounded like everyone she knew was playing her for quite the chump.

    if that woman was prank calling, than she's a damned good actress. oscar material, even.

    my weekend was quite busy. i had intended to type up this gloriously wonderful post detailing everything that happened, but i'm way too damn exhausted to do that right now. i even fell asleep during family guy again. i hate when i do that.

    it was a good ep tonight, too.

    money and myself are sworn enemies. we avoid each other like the plague, and this seems to work rather well. anytime i do happen to accquire any sum of money, my pockets are alight with flame and just dying to be emptied of every last cent.

    between the dvd's, vehicle smog check (fucking epa bullshit), dinner with nathan, music cds, and the airsoft pistol, i easily dropped one hundred ninety bucks or more in the 48 hours between last friday and this monday.

    i am such the consumer whore. :-(

    sleep is calling. it wants to do dinner. and possibly lunch.

  • 5.16.2004

    and so i quit the police department 

    busy weekend. i'll fill ya in on all the other stuff later, but here's a quick run down:

    it turns out that the girl from work already has a boyfriend of several months. that pretty much kills that idea right there.

    a completely different girl however has shown quite a bit of interest in me. sunday afternoon at the rehearsal for our musical, she kept flirting at me and saying some pretty suggestive things. she does this all the time though, and she tends to stare at me/check me out a lot.

    which is really super great and all.

    if she didn't happen to be under the age of 18, that is.

    sadly, she is 16; which of course means that there's not even a remote possibility of going out with or dating her.

    ya gotta love it. the only girls that show the slightest interest in me are the ones that already have a guy, or could get me sent to the state penetentiary.

    *cue the cruel and unforgiving laugh track*

  • 5.14.2004

    and hardness it sets in 

    moron of the day: the driver who blares his horn at people while weaving in and out of traffic to get to the front of the red light, keeps inching forward in anticipation of the traffic signal changing, only to completely blank out when the light actually *does* turn green, and sits there long enough to get honked at.

    although i can relate to that person. i haven't been able to concentrate on anything lately.

    (coincidentaly, i was not that moronic driver. just a clever segway from one topic to another. carry about your business now.)

    it seems as if some hyper-active cells in me have gone into overdrive and just started firing randomely.

    i'd be surprised if i actually did more than thirty support e-mails on thursday.

    many months ago, i had written about how i had lost contact with several people and that loss had a profound impact on me. i felt abandoned; lost and hurt but at the same time knowing full well that in several ways, i could be made accountable for the breakdown in communication.

    the other day i got an e-mail from one of those people. seems i may be invited back into their circle of friendship.

    we'll see. i trust that everything in life happens for a reason; in time i may discover the reasons for this.

    i do know one thing for sure...

    i really need to stop thinking about my future, and instead just make it happen.

  • 5.12.2004

    drivin in my car, livin like a star 

    see, i would totally love aqua teen hunger force completely, if not for the fact that somebody managed to theft my talent for being unbelievably random, and had become a sucess at it. i can't even use *that* unusual talent anymore without looking like a poser.

    oh well. shit happens to fly indiscriminately towards giant oscillating devices, i suppose.

    i was given more responsibility at work today though. i now am in charge of serial number replacement, in addition to taking phone calls and cranking out e-mails. too bad i wasn't the lucky rep who got a marriage proposal from a lady customer through our e-mail support box the other day...

    while i was waiting in line for the last twenty years or so at the mailbox counter in the store i used to work at, i saw posted up on the wall an osha form declaring that the facility was in gross violation of several sanitary codes and had less than a month to rectify some major issues or suffer extremely large fines.

    ironically, the same issues i continuously bitched about when i worked there that the majority of my superiors summarily dismissed.


    i know that it makes me come off as a pretentious ass, and that pride will ultimately be my downfall (already has been in several cases), but damn it's still seductively wonderful to know that all along *i* was right.

  • 5.09.2004

    look at me... you never look at me 

    friday was a blast.

    the two hour lunch at red robin became a two hour and ten minute lunch because it took them forty-five minutes to find us enough seating for fifteen. even though all they did was slap five bar tables together and shove us over by the far wall.

    for the better part of the day i got to side-by-side with one of the newbs. it seemed like the phones were down because i didn't get my first call of the day for close to an hour, and the entire department ended up taking less than four hundred calls for the entire day.

    s'alright though. i'm sure enough people broke our game over the weekend who are gonna be calling in panick-stricken on monday.

    after work a bunch of us headed down to sunnyvale to grab some dinner and play pool.

    i actually didn't get there until they were just about done with dinner; i had to run home to take care of a few things and charge the weak-ass battery in my camera. i got to the pub in time to finish off the garlic bread sticks that that one girl i mentioned a few posts ago (who needed the ride home last friday) had ordered but didn't have room enough for. i sat next to her during the last part of dinner, and she seemed to be friendly enough.

    she also caught my 'once upon a time in mexico' referrence at one point in the conversation, which was muy bueno.

    after dinner we headed down the main drag to a cigar shop for all the smokers in our group to stock up on their carcenogens. that place had the largest porn mag section i have *ever* seen in a non-adult items shop. like, some liqour stores have maybe four or five titles; i lost count after seventy-five of how many different publications there were as i waited for everybody to finish their purchases.

    not that i bought any of them, or was even in the market for some printed porn. just that *that* many different mags, and in section that wasn't roped off or hidden was pretty astounding.

    as we walked across the street with giant purple clouds of death floating over our heads, the obviously drunk waitress (she couldn't walk or talk straight) from the pub came running up and bitched one of our people out about stiffing her on the tip. the gal who had paid with her credit card politely pointed out that she had actually overcompensated for the tip on the credit slip. the waitress blushed, apologized, and disappeared back into the restaurant.

    we slipped into quite possibly the poshest pool hall i've ever been in. you won't find any seedy gang thugs in this joint; the walls were lined with velvet and each of the tables prolly cost more than your car. everything was very eloquent and the decorum screamed money. throughout the night, we all took turns playing each other on three tables off on the side; daver (who's last day was friday) woulda gone pro-pool/billiards tournament player had he not needed to work a job to support himself.

    it definitely showed as he proceeded to hand each of us our asses back on a plate. my boss kept filling up on liqour and progressively got sloppier on the tables, but that still didn't keep him from whoopin me in a game of 9-ball. that one last round against him could easily hold the record for the longest 9-ball game in the history of billiards, were it not for the game *after* that when i played another gal from our department, and she and i proceeded to spend seriously close to an hour just getting the last three balls dropped from the table.

    after it was pretty evident that with the exception of daver that we all sucked at pool that night, we headed up to the street to hang out and chat for a bit before splitting off on our own ways.

    i took the opportunity to see if that one cute girl needed a ride back home that night since she doesn't have a car, and traveling caltrain up to the bart station in daly city and then over to oakland would take her close to three hours to get home. she said it was ok; she'd rather take the train.


    guess there's no chance *there* anymore. fuck.

    she and the other rail commuters headed down the block to wait for the last express, while the remainder of us loitered out on the street corner. our conversation turned to ideal body size in relationship partners (which is ironic that becca had that as a poll on her site the other day) after some very large women who really should not have been wearing spandex tried to smooth talk their way past a bouncer into the club next door. watching drunk people outside of bars is really quite the entertainment, lemme tell ya.

    eventually we all scattered once the sunnyvale pd started patrolling up and down the street to help break up the crowds that had gathered around the clubs. i got home and promptly fell asleep in the living room, not waking until about two in the morning when i somehow managed to get back into my room and crawl under the covers.

    later on saturday morning, dad and i headed up to leo's in oakland to pick up some wireless mics for the church musical happening in two weeks. i hadn't eaten in close to twenty four hours at that point; on the way back after crossing the san mateo bridge we got rather mediocre taco hell grub and picked up some mother's day gifts at costco (a pearl pendant and matching earrings). a quick stop at target to purcahse a poster frame for the penny-arcade poster that i got close to three weeks ago, then snag mom from a promotional gig she was working at for her new job.

    the rest of the day was spent lazily in naps and barbequeing up some tri-tip.

    tonight we're headed out to the half moon brewery for mother's day dinner, and then it's back to the same old routine all over again.

    happy mother's day to everyone. :-)

  • 5.07.2004

    baby i'm still free - take a chance on me 

    today was fun; i got to spend the afternoon at work engaging in what is called "role play."

    before newbies are thrust onto the phone system live, they hafta prove that they are able to handle the excrutiating pressures that unruly customers are capabale of serving up in evil proportions.

    to do this, we conclude the training sessions with "role play;" one of the more experienced representatives give them a simulated call on an issue they are likely to encounter with a real customer and troubleshoot, and the newbs act as if they are talking to a flesh and blood live customer (although, given how much time some of our hardcore fans obsess over this rather menial game, some of them may in fact not quite be alive at this point).

    in short, yours truly was the experienced rep who handed out the ass-whoopins.... er... training exercises.

    the latest batch of meat shields got calls from both patty bouvier and hewbert j. farnsworth, although my imitation of the professor wasn't nearly as good as of patty, which had the call screener (while we role play, yet *another* rep monitors to evaluate the training) literally rolling in stitches throughout the entire call. glad i can still make some people laugh...

    afterwards, tomorrow (friday) is what we call "side-by-side," which means that when the newbs go live and begin taking their first day's worth of calls, an experienced rep sits beside them and helps them get off the ground (a crutch or training wheel, if you will). hopefully i get to do that which means i won't be on the phone actually taking calls.

    man... less then a month back and already i'm bitter at the call volume. what the hell do the customers think, anyways? that we're there to *help* them or something?

    tomorrow also marks the end of an era, as our queue says goodbye to two *extremely* valuable players who are moving on up in the world to the glamorous life of being gm's for our online subscription based games. they'll still be in the same building as us (our campus currently has four buildings) but will prolly be working much more awkward hours since they require gm's to populate the online world 24/7.

    the only good thing about their departure (aside from the fact that they both will make more money in their new positions), is that our queue only gets a two hour lunch period that we've decided to spend at red robbin. our queue lead as well will be present, so if we all make it back a few moments late we hopefully won't take too much of the rap for it.

    i'm gonna take pics of the event, but not sure just yet if i'll post them. gotta secure the consent of my fellow phone monkeys before uploading their souls on the intarweb.

    however, i *do* have some new photographic content just waiting to be absorbed by your starving little eyes. enjoy these; i was super bored at work (on a call, like usual) and started snapping random pictures. perhaps there is a method to my madness, or perhaps not!

    only you can decide for yourself.

    last note for the evening: my morals and character might be about to undergo a serious test.

    please hope for all our sakes that in the end i do the right thing.

  • 5.06.2004

    when i was young it was a time of..... oooohhhh 

    gas prices skyrocketed around here today.

    went up an average of thirty or fourty cents a gallon again.

    guess it's time for me to launch "operation: psychotic anarchy".....

    i've decided to re-continue work on the counter-strike level of our customer service department that i started on last time i worked there (roughly two years ago now).

    unfortunately the current half-life engine chunks like a skank with maps that have a huge amount of detail, but hopefully counter-strike 2 will be able to run it smooth with all the objects i'm putting in.

    i stayed up way too late tuesday night. after getting to sleep at well after three in the morning, i slept in forty-five minutes and was almost late for work.

    but it's all good. craig and i spent that time mulling over the script online. we're currently on the fifth draft or so of the story, and almost about ready to start on the sixth so hopefully all this refinement will count for some positive later on down the road.

    like making us money and getting us into the playboy mansion.

    i've been back on the tech support phones for almost a month now. my cube decorations are starting to take shape.

    it'll be a bit more before i have everything looking how i want it.

    for now, i gotta pass out tho. there are some pictures i'll post to my gallery later on today, but being that the quality of sleep i got yesterday totally wanked, you shall have to excuse me to go pay a much needed visit to dreamy time land.

  • 5.03.2004

    774.4 miles 

    interesting things of note about my trip down to el camino pines to help out on work day:

    * my car is capable of making it from the camp to my house (312.24 miles) on one 10 gallon tank of gas

    * my record of driving from la to san fran in four hours still stands

    * it turns out i have to wiz every hour when i drive in the morning, but not at all when i drive in the evening

    * i must always remember to put sunscreen on my neck. *always*

    * there *are* people who get excited that i am coming to visit

    * rich has gotten used to sleeping only two hours a night with the little one around

    * i was blessed with incredibly awesome weather driving down the central valley of california

    * sometimes high school kids can surprise ya at how mature they can ocassionally be

    * rich's baby can keep an even tempo when crying (he actually has a groove to it)

    * when i woke up on saturday morning and still debated on whether or not i should make the trip, my 80's playlist *at random* pulled up the track "should i stay or should i go?" by the clash

    * i am not only capable of driving 300 miles on four hours of sleep, i can also hike up and down mountainous ravines and 5 miles of trails as well after doing so

    * bring *shorts* when up in the mountains.... jogging in courdouroys is none too bright

    * the abandoned camps down the hill from el camino pines are *WAY* fun to explore!

    * bring camera next time to get pictures of the abandoned camp

    * a broom handle can protect you from *anything*

    * airsoft pellets ricochet *a lot* when you shoot them

    * i need an airsoft pistol :-D

    * there *were* in fact some decent episodes of x-files in the seventh season

    * northridge gets way too damn hot when the sun is out

    * you can shatter a toilet with one good sized rock

    * camp staff are seriously some of the coolest people to hang out with

    * acura rice rockets easily burn a 50 foot diameter of brush around them when you flip them over and they catch fire on the i-5

    * no matter where you go, sometimes getting home and collapsing in your own bed is the best thing in the world

    * if you eat at the tgi fridays in santa clarita, they'll forget your order and comp your meal

    * sunsets from the top of mount pinos are very, very awesome

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