when are you free to take some tea with me? 

about eighteen minutes after i made that first post, i decided in my mind that i was just gonna cancel my trip altogether. it seemed like too much of a hassle; i wouldn't be starting off at an ideal time and i just have too many commitments going on to skirt out on.

i fell asleep feeling much more relieved. of course, in the morning i still had my doubts and hadn't really sold myself on the idea of staying home for the weekend.

until i talked to mom, who said "why don't you just leave early saturday morning instead?"

moms are great for helping you solve problems you were too blind to previously see your way out of.

that's just to let you know why i am home posting and not a few miles north of gilroy right now.

no, the real reason to post is to lament over what a complete and utter dumbass i am.

at work, there is this cutie girl who wears these delicious looking outfits. totally doesn't care that she's a girl, and just usually acts like she's one of the guys.

she's a video gamer girl (real games, like counter-strike and battlefield); and not only that, she has anime/manga cells on her cube walls, *and* she's an avid fan of adult swim (family guy, futurama, and aqua teen).

it's rude to assume that a girl would have an interest in you just because she's a girl. not too mention, in a department full of mostly horny, single guys, i'm sure she either has her pick or is really turned off to the idea of everything with a penis coming up and asking her out as she is working. also, it's a bad idea to date co-workers. even worse to sleep with them. usually only bad can come of it.

but, tonight, after she "happened" to swing by where my desk is several times today, after we had had a good conversation about master shake beating up meatwad, she asks me if i can give her a ride home to oakland when her ride bails on her at the last minute.

oakland on friday nights is a three to four hour commute with all the traffic in the area. taking this into account, my first reaction was a mistake.

"nope, sorry."


i am such a loser. retard. DUMBASS. i can't *BELEIVE* i just did that. by the time i had realized the error of my words, it was too late; she had secured another means of transportation.

it's shit like this that i keep doing that prevents me from getting anywhere near to the point where i might get laid. and yeah, sex isn't the only thing in the world. but, if this girl had any interest in me whatsoever, it probably evaporated the moment i basically told her (in not so many words) that i had no interest in taking her back *to her house.*

i seriously feel sick to my stomach right now.

give me the nobel prize for stupid fucking decisions.

what a way to start off the weekend.

  • and the hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world 

    too much shit to do right now, and not enough time to do it in.

    i need about two hundred more days in this year, and preferably an extension of ten hours per day. that should work.

    until that happens it's caffiene and sugar.

    pray that i don't fall asleep on my five hour drive tomorrow after work. when i get off at six pm and won't get on the road until seven.

    yeah. that's right.

    i'll arrive sometime after midnight.

    oh joys.

    have a good weekend y'all.

    i'll be gone for most of the weekend, a post will be up on sunday night or monday.

    it all depends on how un-dead i am.

    *heads out the door to fight zombies*

    *er, i mean, falls over onto the couch and passes the fuck out*

  • 4.29.2004

    it's a startled sensation; like you're under sedation 

    last night, as i sat down on my couch, something quite alarming occurred.

    before i could object to or understand what was going on, i fell half asleep and remained in a semi-unconcious but yet partially aware state of existence until six am.

    kinda like when you're watching tv, and all of a sudden the dialogue echos from a million miles away, nothing seems to adhere to the coherent rules of behaviour, and you are all too aware of the passage of *some* amount time but you're not quite sure how long it was.

    in essence, i didn't get any useful sleep.

    which amazed me since i was reasonably awake all day until just a half hour ago when athf came on, and i passed out cold for the full length of both episodes that aired back to back.


    mark twain's summer isn't quite here yet; it's been hot enough that instead of big giant clumps of goo in my lava lamp, the delicious waxy compound has fractured into literally billions of globules that float silently between earth and the heavens.

    and appearently, there is a guy out there in the united states who seems to be capable of downloading 1+ gigabyte files over his basic subscription cable internet account in under ten minutes, or so he claims.

    three reps had to gnash teeth with this guy (including myself), and he didn't quite seem to let up with his endless web of mis-truths.

    sad thing was, he knew just enough information to be a royal thorn in our rears, yet he knew too much information for his own good which only served to drive him deeper into the land of confusion.

    i certianly hope he sees the nowhere man when he gets there.

    that bastard owes me twenty bucks.

    since i'm prolly making absolutely no kind of intelligble sense what-so-ever, i'm gonna try for a better night's sleep now and dutifully hope that my mind doesn't get it's gearbox caught in neutral for another five and a half hours again, which if i'm not mistaken, would render me an organic product of some sort.

  • 4.28.2004

    the mic rulah, the old schoolah 

    ah man, i need to update more.

    my apologies to everybody for the lack of updates.

    been working a second job now, in addition to tech support.

    i'm editing audio for the national radio show works for. taking previous show callers, and assembling montages of the day for doug to go over and review on the air.

    my first batch should start airing today. yay!

    if i hear back from rich in time, i'm supposed to drive down to the frazier mountains and help out on their "work day" at the youth camp.

    i'm gonna resume a more normal posting schedule now. so i can get comments.

    i really do loves me the comments. :-)

    and aqua teen hunger force, which i just recently have started watching on good ol' adult swim.

    [passes out from exhuastion]

  • 4.25.2004

    they say that it just takes time; i can't getcha outta my mind 

    damn, i gotta catch up now.

    both on here, and in real life.


    friday night after work, went to hang out with nathan and shane. that was good. we ate at this british pub named "kingshead" down in campbell that had incredible beef stew, and quite possibly the most flavorful light beer i have ever tried.

    most light beers are watered down horse piss compared to this stuff.

    went back to talk at shane's place; discussed the more than lackluster attempts at national security our country has been implimenting, and about how there's so much shit that the vast majority of society is just completely unaware of. you know what can happen with too much information....

    saturday morning dad and i went over to leo's in oakland for a seminar on mixing front of house sound for worship centers. it was quite informative; i ended up learning some stuff i previously was clueless about, and the presenter (a tech rep from jbl) confirmed a lot of stuff dad and i were already well familiar with.

    some of the rest of the attendees on the other hand.... they prolly shouldn't even bother picking up a microphone cable.

    not only that, but this guy proved that i was right(!) about a lot of the stuff that my a/v employeers kept saying was hopelessly wrong.

    booyah! i always love being right.

    but of course, i don't... like.... gloat or anything... :-D

    after the meeting, i got to check out a canon xl1 firsthand. it's the camera that craig and i are purchasing for our film this summer, and i made a decision on the spot that when we do buy the thing, it's gonna be from leo's. they have the best deal and plus i know the folks there so i trust them. it was very stress-relieving to have this major headache resolved.

    later on that evening, went back down to saratoga and hung out with nathan and shane some more. after watching nate get repeatedly decimated in farcry, we hopped in his ride to drive past a building in downtown san jose that houses the servers for what used to be worldcom. in this one city block passes 62% of the western us's internet traffic.

    that's billions and trillions of bits of data flowing and ebbing from the building. a substantial amount of web information packets. it was such a delightful treat; and yes, i know. i'm a total dork.

    we then stopped by this place like cold stone creameries, but instead it's called marble slab or something like that. the ice cream was supremely good; the waffle cone was ferociously awful.

    pass by a starbucks for nathan to get himself some joe, and then wound up through the mountains on highway 9 through los gatos at close to midnight, and managed to make it up and back down in about ten/fifteen minutes; a drive that normally takes a half hour to forty-five minutes.

    some people pay to ride rollercoasters: i just hop in the backseat of a car being handled by a driver who knows how to conduct business with a winding road. ;-)

    by the time we got into town at the bottom of the passage, the brake calipers were putting off a baking smell, and the exhaust pipe was glowing.

    alright; i gotta run to a two-hour rehearsal for now. i'm playing drums for a musical our church is putting on later in may.

    then after *that* i gotta come back and help the family clean up the house before some relatives from out of state come over for the afternoon/evening.

    *catches breath*

    *then takes off running in the opposite direction*

  • 4.22.2004

    out across the endless sea; i would die in ecstasy 

    my apologies for harking the same topic over and over again (i have a narrowly one track mind);

    time is just passing by way too damn fast.

    even more so now that i am back at a full-time job. i don't recall being quite this exhausted for most of the time when i worked a regular schedule at the hotel.

    of course, that was a variable shift. my start times normally fell somewhere between six am and three pm.

    my current work hours in tech support understandably are fairly constant; eight thirty am until six pm (pacific standard time). i still haven't quite gotten comfortable with this whole "morning" concept just yet.

    during one of my calls today whilst in the middle of providing a troubleshooting step to a customer, this pleasant voice recording popped on the line and said "hang up the phone now."

    taken back by what i thought i had just heard, i said "excuse me, *customer's name* are you still there?" once again, the pleasant voice stated "hang up the phone now" and before i could ask further what was going on, my phone dropped into "wrap-up mode," meaning the call was disconnected.

    that was pretty wierd. a calling card, maybe?

    who knows....

    i can handle computer illiterate customers. i can handle stupid customers. hell, to some degree, i can even handle language illiterate customers. but i simply can not stand the customers who call in, and either refuse to perform any of the troubleshooting steps we offer, or who don't pay any attention at all while they are on the phone. why bother calling if they are just going to waste everyone's time?

    computer illiteracy in truth really doesn't even exist btw; anybody can learn how to use a computer if they are taught in a way that makes sense to them.

    most people say that they are computer illiterate when in fact all they have to do is simply read the words or identify the symbols on the screen. i've been able to get people who thought that their cd-rom drive was a "cup-holder" to perform complex registry edits like they were pro-users; it's all just a matter of how you aproach the situation.

    when people believe that they can not do a particular task, the only person they do a disservice is to themselves, because if you believe that you are not capable of doing something, you'll find more often than not you prevent yourself from trying.

    sorry, that's just my gripe for the day. the bitterness has passed.

    useless memento of note:

    wednesday morning as i drove up to work, a norah jones song came on the radio so i sat in my car after parking (i had the time to spare) and listened to the rest of it. when i got in my car to go home nine hours later, the first thing on my radio was a norah jones song.

    thursday morning, the radio played a carlos santana song as i drove up to the parking lot. when i started my car that evening, another santana song had just begun.

    does anybody else find that rather interesting/peculiar/odd?

    ok. my body is collapsing from exhaust. sleep shall i must.

    back will i be.

  • 4.21.2004

    i'll come running to see you again 

    sorry for the lackluster updates lately.

    now you have much more alert, awake dante.

    which is good.

    er... or hopefully will be.

    some people, man. this one kid on the phone today was chomping on potato chips and slurping on soda while i'm giving him troubleshooting steps that he only did half of. whatever happened to telephone ettiquette? when people *know* how to talk on a phone and not be a rude little monkey?

    or the woman who called up to get her game fixed, but seemed more interest in what was on television and kept saying "what?" and "huh?" after each time i gave her a step to try. why did she bother calling?

    ah well. part of the day i was busy playing a race game on the gameboy advance of the guy sitting next to me.

    that was fun. i also got some really high scores in solitaire.

    i'm also in the "e-mail" stage with a girl from eHarmony. let's see how this works out... could have potential.

    dinner is ready, so feast shall i so do and later will i return to further muse.

  • i wonder should i call you but i know what you would do 

    well, the whole sleeping schedule getting outtta whack thing has caught up with me.

    the day seems a lot shorter when you got a full time job.

    sadly i am missing aqua teen hunger force when i pass out like this halfway through family guy.

    at any rate, time to sleep.

    more blog update later today after work.

  • 4.20.2004

    everybody jumpin'; dancin' to the boogie tonight 

    mumble mumble work good

    mumble mumble eHarmony match

    mumble mumble printer fucked up

    mumble mumble taco dinner

    mumble mumble exhausted


  • 4.18.2004

    you make it with a false surrender; more memories you won't remember 

    this has for a while now been a fantasy of mine:

    that anytime heather comes up to visit us, she silently enters my room during the night and crawls under the sheets beside me.

    even if we only just cuddled; i've been wanting that for the past six years.

    to run my fingers through her hair.

    to feel her lips upon mine and sample the exotic pallete of her kiss.

    caressing her soft arms and face; embracing the warmth that she exudes.

    to know that she felt as strongly for me as i for her.

    of course...... she does not.

    and what could be worse than a girl not posessing the same level of desire towards yourself?

    that she feels that way about my brother instead.

    i don't normally touch alcohol, but tonight i think i need a drink.

    thank god she'll be on her way in just twelve more hours and i needn't suffer such cruel agony further.

    knowing that the beauty that is her happens to sleeping in the next room right now certainly does not make things any better.

    it's so wonderful that i was graced with the gift of falling for all of the girls in this world who don't have the slightest bit of romantic interest in me.

    whoever suggested *that* aspect of my personality/being; i hope you're getting a jolly good laugh out of all of this.

    cuz i sure the hell am not.

  • 4.17.2004

    no two are ever the same, you made me realize the love I'd missed 

    sleeping in this morning was nice.

    i don't understand how i can be so totally exhuasted when i'm sitting in my chair at my desk here at home to the point of falling asleep during conversations, and then when simply i move from the chair to the sofa to sleep, i end up laying awake for an hour or more before actually falling asleep.

    go figure.

    first week back at work was good, albiet the database crashing and tearing itself a new one on thursday. i'm getting back into the familiar rhythm of answering calls and e-mails.

    and i remembered how gratifying it is when somebody says thank you.

    heather and lisa are up to visit this weekend. and yup. i still have that mad crush on heather.

    and still nothing will ever come of it.

    the die-cast crown victoria model i ordered should get here sometime tuesday, and in about ten days i'll be receiving the harley davidson die-cast. unfortunately the harley color scheme i ordered is no longer available (despite it still being listed on their website) so i had to go with my second choice instead. ah well.

    for now i leave you with a shot of my current cubicle at work. my neighbor's ninja turtles box will be moved to a different wall. this desk will be quite decorated and filled up with lots more crap very soon.

    i'll upload a post-beautification picture as well once my efforts are completed


  • 4.16.2004

    i can't post the lyrics cuz it's copywritten; but the intent is the same! 

    sing the above title with a particular cadence, perhaps from a famous "birthday" greeting.


    the last two stanzas of it, in fact. where you would mention the person's name and then the last repeat of the chorus.


    nobody's gonna get that. :-(

    anyways. speaking of which, isn't it freaky? it's the most commonly sung song for celebrating the aging process, yet the copyright holders are stingy bastards that won't let people reprint the lyrics without handing over novelty sacks with big dollar signs printed on them filled with not-so-novelty money.

    i'm not making a lick of sense tonight, am i?

    suffice it to say this:


    becca, jason, and eek. have a great day and here's a toast to many more wonderful birthdays for that special little guy.


  • 4.14.2004

    pick it up and throw it away all right 

    there must be something about me that attracts all the idiotic drivers to flock around my car.

    on the way home from work, three different people at various points in my commute stopped their vehicles dead in the middle of the street for no reason; looked around terribly confused (all the while myself and the cars behind me angrily honking our horns at them) and then finally going on their merry way.

    either most of the people around here are total morons who forget how to navigate their own town, or i had a giant sign on the side of my car that said "please do stupid shit and piss me off today."

    yeah, maybe that was it.

    gotta remember to take that sign off my car in the morning.

    they really cleaned up the web-based/php e-mail system that the department is using for tech support customer e-mails since the last time i saw it. my contract happened to be ending a week before the new program was going to be implimented two years ago, and what i had seen back then wasn't pretty.

    most of the representatives at the time were thoroughly displeased about abandoning outlook for handling end user support, however it appears that they worked most of the major kinks out of the system to make it quite manageable to use.

    which is why, of course, they are getting rid of *that* system next week and swearing alleigence to a new method.

    having money again is a dangerous thing. i've already figured out so many ways i can completely drain my bank account.

    gotta hold off for the most part........ although..... and i do hope you agree; my cubicle at work would look awfully nice with a lava lamp....

  • 4.13.2004

    tell me what you want yeah i'll do it baby 

    the most difficult thing so far with going back to work in a call center actually has been readjusting my sleeping patterns.

    i'm typically a night owl; as might be evidenced by the usual post times for my entries (after midnight most times).

    before returning to support, i usually kept a day/night schedule of going to bed at around 2 or 3 am, and then waking up at 10 or 11 later on in the morning. people always frown when you say that you sleep until almost noon, but bearing in mind that i didn't used to usually go to sleep until a very awkward time, i normally only got about 7 or 8 hours of sleep per cycle; about the same amount as most other adults.

    this whole needing to be awake before 7 am may take a bit of a toll on me in a few days. so far, i haven't been too adveresly affected by it. monday night i collapsed on my sofa for two hours and napped until i got my second wind, but the kick of energy was only good for about three hours until i had to force myself to sleep long enough through the night to be more or less functional today.

    i finally did register completely on eHarmony the other night, and began the communication process with a gal in san jo named "traci."

    no word back just yet, but i'll keep y'all posted if something develops.

    i finally got my system login/comapny e-mail account activation stuff taken care of this morning; i had to call nathan over (he works in help desk for the company) to clear out the security log on my xp system. he pointed, laughed and called me a noob. he of course was joking but couldn't resist the temptation that my predicament offered.

    despite the fact the system was like that when i got it. ;-)

    it's good to see all the old cohorts again; even though we all give each other massive amounts of shit and hell, deep down there exists a lot of strong friendships. it's always nice to have that kind of social security.

    especially for the times when somebody calls up, and says quite matter of factly that their computer's cup holder has broken.

  • 4.12.2004

    but maybe once or twice i'll ruffle your feathers 

    it took about all of ten minutes for most things to come flooding back today.

    i instantly recognized the sights, smells, and sounds of tech support. although, some things have changed.

    there are *way* less people. therefore it was much quieter.

    the hours are all different, and how schedules work are a bit more complex.

    but the same holly jolly tech support spirit was back in force. that was always one of the highlights of the job; great crew to work with and collaborate.

    first part of the day was spent monitoring; listening in to other reps to get a refresher on the call scripts. second half was getting setup with computers and desks and the like.

    my boss (good friend, too) picked up an unused computer at random and set it down for me at my spot. after i fired it up and logged in, i was amazed to discover that it was the exact same machine that i used last time i was in the department over two years ago.

    wonder what that might mean....

    i'll be gradually getting back into the flow of taking calls and such. in truth, the calls aren't nearly so bad; it's mostly the anticipation before you get on a call that is the worst.

    until you actually start speaking to a customer, the potential for either a good call or the *call from hell* is threateningly looming over you; most of the stress of the job comes from not knowing what to expect each time you're taken out of "ready" and thrown a call to be cleared from the queue.

    all in all, a good first day back i would say.

    we'll see how tomorrow goes....

  • if you hurt me, i haven't shown it 

    eight more hours and i go back to tech support for the third time.

    this shall be interesting.

    i'll post about the day later on and letcha know how it goes.

  • 4.11.2004



    myself in the bunny costume! :-)

  • some hearts are better left unbroken 

    i've been having very disturbing dreams lately; where very strange and unpleasant things happen.

    i seriously hope my brain isn't hedging it's bets on the future.

    bunny moments of the last bunny day:

    when some mother, upset that her son wouldn't smile for the picture said "ah you little shit."

    i seriously wanted to hit that woman. in the bunny suit. for being so cold to her child the day before easter.

    some people.

    but then my mood was improved when this darling girl asked for the easter bunny's autograph.

    someday in the distant future, a young woman will be packing her things up to go away to university, and mixed amongst her school reports and family photos will be the page where a guy who, for the hell of it, decided to take the job of wearing a giant rabbit suit once scribbled the word "bunny" for her.

    maybe it'll make her smirk and chuckle.

  • 4.10.2004

    new world on the horizon, and who deserves the love 

    there seems to be a new trend emerging in my life lately.

    well. thruthfully, there is *always* some trend that i happen to eventually pick up on during the more introspective moments of existence.

    but there is this recent one that i am just now noticing.

    there will come a time when i can no longer turn to face the past, but must move straight forward into tomorrow and hopefully a good fifty or sixty years beyond that day.

    and that time may be soon.

    bunny moment: again, we were slamming busy so really there were way too many to begin keeping track of them all.

    i dunno...

    does finding out i get a fantabulous discount at ms. fields for the duration of my employment in the mall count?

  • 4.09.2004

    somone tried to tell me something 

    after drooling over nick's new toy, i have concluded that i desperately need a nikon dx 1 camera.

    (later on i'll post some of the pictures i shot with it while waiting for nick to finish counting up the register tags for the night.)

    gonna go see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind tonight with nathan. david says the film is heartbreaking, so i look forward to the slaughter.

    bunny moment = too many to list them all. we were super busy today, so take your pick of the highlights;

    the endless stream of parents who don't notice that there is a bigass sign that says "exit" right in front of what an intelligent person would reasonably conjecture is our exit;

    the mother (with *her* rather ill-tempered mother) who kept begging us to stay open one minute more at closing time while her husband *bought* a dress for their daughter to wear in their picture;

    the parents who swore that after twelve or thirteen failed attempts at pictures of their kids with the bunny, that they absolutely could get them to smile if we took 'just one more';

    or the single mom wearing a white shirt, no bra underneith, who kept coming by the set with her kid to take pictures that she never purchased, but made sure each time she came by that i took notice of her.

    all throughout the afternoon, i kept hearing in my head this one hall & oates song that has filled the temporary "fave song" slot in my brain.

    like when you hear "it's a small world" endlessly; only this was a song i desperately wanted to hear.

    when you ache and yearn to hear that one new song that you have just made friends with.

    the kind of song that you feel pain when you're not listening to it. deep abdomonal pain.

    or maybe i felt that way because i needed to blast a supremely major dookie?

  • 4.08.2004

    looking out a darker day, pulling the shades away from my eyes 

    gaps in my memory really freak me out.

    like how i can't remember how i even met my two best friends; todd and craig. as far as i'm concerned, it's as if they just coelesced into being one day and from that point on we were friends.

    or more recently, how i can't remember how i got to sleep last night. i know it took me damn forever and a day to pass out tho. it was seriously at least an hour that i lay there, trying to fall asleep but seemingly not able to at all. this despite my body having nagged at me while playing vice city to go crash like a microsoft product.

    and then i wake up this morning, having no memory of the last few moments before i fell asleep.

    normally, this isn't a big issue for most people, but i pretty much remember how and when i fall asleep *every* night, so to all of a sudden *not* recollect it at all every now and then is quite a disturbing prospect.

    another thing; when i woke up this morning, before actually opening my eyes, it smelled like i was back on balboa island, spending the weekend at todd's place.

    i half expected to see the cats rustling around on the floor, or to hear people outside walking around the island. however, i instead woke up in my own room. kinda disorienting, especially since the power of the smell sense is extremely overwhelming at times.

    wednesday's bunny moment:

    this super hyper/split personality/future psycho killer kid and his dad came back again for the second day in a row, this time with the sister and mom in tow. when i say this, i mean that both the psycho kid's sister was there, and i'm pretty sure that the mom was the dad's sister as well. really, they looked identical. same eyes, nose, mouth, and forehead.

    i'm not saying they were, but i'll be damned if i ever seen parents that looked *that* close to being siblings before.

    more bunny tails to follow later on. ;-)

  • 4.07.2004

    come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you 

    tuesday's bunny moment:

    after playing around with the settings on the flash box, we cranked the knobs all the way up to the full power that the flash bulb could go (and warned bunny to close her eyes inside the giant head).

    the resulting burst of light was *felt,* not just seen, as the static dis-charge arc'ed all around and caught everybody standing nearby in a split second of utter confusion.

    as was expected, the picture that appeared on the lcd screen of the camera was basically a giant rectangle of white.

    i know what kinda flash bulb *i'm* getting when i come into some money.......

    lappy the laptop has been hosted on www.dasbecca.com for the past week or so, however since becca has been undergoing some site redesign, i figured i would post the strip for wednesday anyways since the site is down and link it here so that those who haven't yet subscribed to dasbecca can enjoy it.

    hope you like.

    and i suggest you subscribe or check her site out when it's back up (friday is what she is hoping for) because she got some wicked awesome web skillz.

    now, since my eyes keep spilling over with saline solution like the yellow river in china when flooded, i shall go and attempt to sleep.

  • 4.06.2004

    smoking guns, hot to the touch, would cool down if we didn't use em so much 

    bunny moment of the day (well, yesterday - monday - really):

    when three kids started beating up on the easter (this was before my shift, i was a helper anyways and not the bunny yesterday), one of the kids tried to jump on top of the bunnie's head, and the other two ran over to pull down the pants of the woman working our cash register (which they succeeded at doing).

    and just what was the comment that the mother of these hell beasts made?

    "awww, isn't that cute?"

    nick turned to her, with a deadly straight face, and said "yup. and it's gonna be even cuter in a moment when security gets here."


    i was at the bank today, depositing my paycheck (my bunny employers won't do direct deposit for the three weeks), and decided to get my address info updated with the bank's records.


    the banker chick that dealt with my transactions was totally coming on to me!

    i was blown away. not only was she super hot, she was flirting mad style, AND she had an *engagement* ring on her finger no less!

    not that i would try and steal an engaged girl from some other guy. that's just plain fucked up.

    but if i'm really not the hopeless moron i think i am, and that i read the signals correct (altho i prolly am a moron anyways), she totally wanted to commute on the d train.

    that made my day so far.

    time to go photograph the easter bunny.

  • these arms long to hold you again 


    sunday morning i couldn't even drive to church, my eyes were such an annoyance.

    it's a nice thing living only two blocks away from where you go to church. it wasn't even something we planned, like in redondo. it just managed to work out this way here.

    i've always hated the goop that collects at the corner of your eyes, and when your eyes freak out the first thing they do is pump up the overtime on the goop factory. i don't actually have an infection; it turns out my eyes are reacting to fibers from the bunny costume and are getting irritated that way.

    that's both good news and bad news.

    thankfully there is an ointment out there that i can get that doesn't involve physical contact with my eyes.

    eHarmony found me another match; this one is supremely closer to home. san jose.

    ooh baby. now i just gotta wait until friday. i will have enough moneys to register so that she and i can begin communicating.

    traci.... soon!

    until then i'm gonna go pass out since my body has freakishly been demanding that i go to sleep earlier and earlier in the evening.

    i used to be able to stay awake until two am, but about a week ago my body has been forcing me to go to sleep around midnight.

    go figure.

  • 4.03.2004

    take the stairs up to my room; sleep away the afternoon 

    ever have those moments where you transcend all reality and for an instant, the swirling mass of thoughts inside your head all make sense?

    when the universe unlocks its preciously valuable secrets and you understand why all things must come to be in the manner in which they do?

    but then you belch.

    and this newfound inspiration deserts you faster than under-age drinkers at a party when a cop shows up.

    or is it just me?

  • 4.02.2004

    and who will wear the robe and crown? 

    the pop-up blocker which is included in the google toolbar states that it has negated 1012 pop-up ads since i activated that feature four months ago.

    lots going on, lots to talks 'bout.

    first off, craig had to drive from los angeles to albuquerque today, so he prolly spent a good eleven hours or more in the car driving through barren wastelands.

    hope he got there ok.

    i will be going back to work for a very large video game producing company to do tech support work again in a week. this will be my third tour of duty through the department; should be interesting.

    the cool thing is that nathan and i can hang out during lunch or go kill time afterhours playing lan games in the arcade.

    dad is seriously considering getting rid of the camry, because he believes that the car is cursed with bad luck. i will do my damndest to make sure that car doesn't leave this family. i've seen way too many awesome sets of wheels be discarded to stand idly by any longer.

    i dunno why it is that i fall in love with particular cars. like mom's first generation subaru legacy wagon from way back when we lived in new mexico. it was a great car; selling it for grocery money under the stress of desperate times was sorely painful.

    the `87 maxima that we got brand new for half of the dealer price; she had a killer engine and despite her being a rather boxy car, i thought that gal had style coming out her tailpipe.

    and this camry. or as i have nicknamed her, the 'dark knight.' perhaps it's the insanity talking, but i believe that cars do have character and each vehicle is different. my car is fun and zippy, but impractical. like a super model; sure you'd love to be going out with one, but realistically that's not who you settle down with for a life of wedded bliss.

    last thing i whanna mention is that it has been decided by the family that indeed a transferrence of residence shall soon take place. how soon depends on how quickly our 'moving fund' grows. ideally, mom wants to be back in redondo beach no later than the beginning of summer; i figure it's more likely to be mid-to-end-of summer before we reside at the bosom of the pacific ocean once more.

    i however, still have my own thoughts to this; they shall be forthcoming in the post which is to chronicle the *second* day of my vacation trip.

    yes, i have been bum about writing it. no, it wasn't intentional.

    in the meantime.... uh......


    *happy jig*

  • 4.01.2004

    it's easy to deceive; it's easy to tease 

    i wish this were an april fools joke, but it's not;

    this morning i woke up unable to open up my right eye. it scared the hell outta me for a second, and then i laughed and thought maybe my brother had put scotch tape over my eye (it's april fools day of course), since i could feel something heavy over my eye lids.

    in the bathroom, i checked out my face in the mirror to discover that my eye was caked shut with goop. last night i had suspected i might be catching this evil little eye infection that has been making it's way around our family, but it didn't occur to me what might be preventing my dual vision until i beheld that sight (i even took a picture, but prolly won't post that since you all would prolly think it gross).

    amazingly, i have pretty good depth perception with just one eye open.

    after soaking a warm facecloth below my temples, i was able to chip away at the crust and finally open up and see the word much clearer again.

    so now my right eye is all swollen and red and looks like i'm wasted.


    so i gotta take some of this salve stuff that my family got to get rid of their infections (since infections will never go away on their own). the only issue is, you hafta rub the cream directly onto your eyeball.

    now, my eyes are hyper sensitive, as is much everything else i possess with this body. to the point where i can't open my eyes under clean water because they start stinging (doesn't matter if there is bleach or not). it's why i wear glasses and not contact lenses; the pressure that the contacts created on my pupil gave me a headache within two minutes of trying them out.

    so anyways that bites.

    ah well.

    and again, as much as i wish that were an april fool's joke; it ain't.

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