constantly out of reach, i give in to sin 

i still can't get over that kiss dream the other night.

it was just so *real,* man. i mean, damn.

if i didn't know better, i would have sworn i was actually kissing a girl. nothing dreamlike or fake about it.


with kisses like those, i wouldn't mind if i wasn't getting laid.

*that's* how good they were.

bunny moment of the evening:

i was standing outside of the bunny set since the action was low and i was waving to kids that passed by (none stopped for pics tho).

this young couple walks past and the girl stops dead in her tracks when the bunny (me) waves to her. she musta been seventeen, and she looked like i had just pulled a weapon on her.

she literally ran behind the support column across the way and hid from my view.

her boyfriend started laughing like mad, and kept trying to pull her out to wave at the bunny. i could only see her arms slapping him and pushing him away.

when i turned to face another direction, she took off running down the concourse towards the food court with her boyfriend jogging after her, laughing all the way.


guess she got something against giant bunnies in vests.

  • 3.29.2004

    i'll be the sun shining on you 


    two things of note:

    today while driving back from quiznos, dad and i witnessed a theft. er, rather the get-a-way after a theft, but still.

    did the whole good civilian duty thing and went to the police station to tell them what i saw. they said it helps confirm what they have been gathering about the incident.

    the other thing is last night i had an incredible dream.

    mila kunis, of family guy and that 70's show fame and i were looking at apartments for something to live in.

    we seemed to be a newlywed couple, and everytime we kissed, it was extremely vivid and passionate.

    there was one point in the dream where she and i ended up in a hot tub jaccuzi; we kept locking lips and having these extremely loving kisses.

    quite incredible. if my dreams are accurate, that girl is one helluva kisser.

    and if imdb is accurate (and why wouldn't it be?), she was born in the town that chernobyl provided power for.


    you be the judge.

  • 3.28.2004

    you'll hafta have them all pulled out after the savoy truffle 

    i started off as the bunny last night.

    a few things.

    in the first hour, i had three different kids named "dante" come up to have pictures taken with "the bunny."

    you won't beleive who will wave to the bunny. i got skinheads, senior citizens, and tons of cute college age girls all to wave back. also, asian college kids seem to dig the bunny.

    many, many guys will demand of their girlfriends that they hug the bunny. all these guys basically sent their beloved gals over to me for some huggin.



    i shoulda gone to the car show in pleasanton on saturday, but i was lazy and didn't wake up in time. i also had shit to do before work, so oh well.

    might have seen a caddy or two had i gone.

    i did however go shooting today with nathan and his cousins and my brother. bro got to try out his sks and nagant; both of them fire well but need some adjustments to the sights.

    i used the .22-ruger semi-auto rifle again, although 100 yards and i don't seem to get along. i didn't have nearly as good a result on the 100 yard tin can line than i did on the 50 yard tin can line. that should go without saying since i've never shot 100 yards before, but still i was surprised how drastically different doubling the distance would affect my aim.

    i took pictures of our day, but will post those later on.

    however, i *DO* have pictures posted of my trip to manhattan beach in the meantime. enjoy them. i so badly want to go back there now.

    it's funny. when i'm *not* there; i jones for it and desire to return. when i get there; i feel alien and trespassing and get angsty to go back to nor cal.

    go figure. i'm a man outside of space. maybe time too, since it seems to be passing by way too fast.

    that's all i got for now.

  • 3.26.2004

    he looks around and around he sees angels in the architecture 

    after spending way more time at fry's electronics than either nathan, my father or i had planned, and after a hearty dinner of chicago style pizza, nathan and i replaced the processor heatsink/cooling fans inside of my computer.

    we also replaced the power supply after i remembered i still had a 300w box that i had already purchased some time ago for a different system, since as nathan put it, my old power supply technically should have exploded several months ago, as bad a shape it was in.

    after applying compound to my p3 and seating the cartridge back into the motherboard, we connected up the new power supply, plugged everything in, and pressed the power button.



    my heart sank and for a moment my worst fears seemed like they would be confirmed; that messing around with my computer had fataly damaged some component or other and now she would be silenced forever.

    we unplugged *EVERY* single piece of equipment, and then re-seated them all as tight as they could go.

    finally, my computer swtched on, and booted up. for a moment, it even looked as if i could overclock my machine as well.

    however, i didn't care to tempt fate.

    point is: my system is happy; i am happy; the computer is SILENT, and i slept wonderfully without being interrupted by the sound of critically wounded ball bearings.

  • 3.25.2004

    i'll show you a place high on the desert plain - march 19th 2004 

    fuck. it’s already been four days since i got back from my trip and i’m just now posting about it. well, there’s a *lot* here so it *more* than makes up for the lack.

    bare with me if this is super long; this first stretch covers just the first day. there are still two more days to go. it’s gonna be awhile before the whole tale is told (and if this is too long, please indicate so in the comments section, assuming that the comments section actually fits on the page after this). i’ll try to break up the two other days into smaller sections if i get complaints about digestability.

    there are times in my life when i can’t quite believe exactly how much ‘stuff’ you can cram into a seventy-two hour period.

    even despite having typed up my agenda for packing on thursday night, i still managed to fall horribly behind time wise and didn’t end up finishing everything i needed to until around two am.

    normally, i would have gone to bed at this point seeing as how i needed to be up at five to get dressed, eat breakfast and load up the car so we could leave by six; however the april issue of playboy happened to arrive earlier that day and i made a point of sitting down to read the kevin smith interview as well as a few other articles (yes, i actually read the articles in playboy. twenty bucks for two year’s subscription means i want my money’s worth in interviews, articles, and stories, as well as lots of hot women. if you just want nudity, there’s this thing called “the internet”….).

    in truth, i ended up going to bed at almost three thirty. so much for a goodnight’s sleep….

    the alarm clock sounded way too early. so early in fact that i didn’t even bother to switch it off, and instead was content in half-suffering the blaring beeping sound. it wasn’t until five forty that i realized what time it was, and shot out of bed. after encountering mom in the hallway rush, i was put slightly at ease that we now were planning on leaving at six thirty; a much more negotiable time since everybody had slept in. it wasn’t just me! hurrah.

    dad had been kind enough to swing by cinnabons on thursday night and got us cinnamon rolls for breakfast; in between running back and forth in a blind pre-departure panic, all of us managed to congregate at some point in the kitchen to ingest a healthy dose of sugar to keep us awake for at least the first hour of the drive.

    unfortunately i had already finished off the jug of orange juice the night before, so lemonade and milk substituted for morning fluids. after getting everything squared away and double-checked, we packed up the cars and were ready to go. actually, for the first time on a vacation like this, i was the first one ready to leave at six thirty, and this was also the first trip where i didn’t forget anything. in fact, if anything i brought too much stuff (something i have tried vainly to avoid lately; i usually pack pretty light) but since i never filled up the memory stick on the camera all the way, i didn’t need my laptop to dump the pictures onto. i also didn’t really need the ipod power cable since i didn’t use it near enough to warrant recharging it.

    i had kinda been hoping to drive the camry all the way down, or at least starting off the drive but dad decided he wanted to drive until we got to gilroy. mom, eric and seamus all piled into the corolla with dad and i taking the camry, and off the road we took.

    the drive down 280 to san jose dad had plugged in his sirius receiver to listen to doug’s show as well as check out some other stations he was interested in, and i queued up paul simon’s graceland on the ipod in my headphones, although since dad had the talk stations turned up super loud it was rather difficult for me to listen to an album that has a lot of quiet parts to it.

    i had been hoping we could stop off in morgan hill to go to that coffee shop mom and i came across on our trip last month to el camino pines, but dad was trying to play chicken with this semi-truck in the lane between us and the off-ramp, so we ended up missing the turn-off and rather than turn back around, dad insisted we keep driving. this was the first spot of trouble as i became royally pissed off. my intention was to use the hot chocolate to break up the gunk at the back of my throat, but since we didn’t stop i now had to suffer with the rather painful coughing i go through every morning trying to get the post-nasal-drip/phlegm up.

    however, dad quickly made things right when we stopped off at casa da fruita to get some snacks and drinks there, paying for everything. that was quite cool, and while waiting for both parents to take bathroom breaks, the two eric’s and i went off to investigate the little ride-on train that they have at the tourist stop. they had this sweet looking steel fabricated motorcycle frame over at the picnic grounds, with what looked like a lawn mower engine on it, although the entire thing was more a sculpture than a practical vehicle. once everybody had conducted their business, dad and i switched off and i took over driving for the rest of the journey.

    those familiar with the interstate five in california would be quick to point out that it’s a rather boring drive; it’s more or less a straight piece of road that disappears endlessly across the central valley of the golden state. i happen to enjoy the drive down this road more than the 101, because all you really hafta do is kick up to eighty-five, flip on cruise control, and just keep an eye out for highway patrol. other than that, it’s a pretty mindless three hundred and fifty miles.

    harris ranch was the only stop we made until we hit the grapevine. we had to pull off for me to use the restrooms, and the rest of the family decided to wander into the gift shop and check stuff out. dad asked if i wanted anything to drink, and i grabbed a strawberry/kiwi thing from the cooler. when we went to go pay for it, we struck up a conversation with the manager and this girl working at the bakery counter; the girl was insulting her boss (jokingly) and the manager was talking shit right back to the girl. the girl selling the baked items was very pretty. she inspired in my mind a whole fictional story about a lurid five-minute-stand at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. i might eventually write it too, although what i had in mind ended up sounding more like a penthouse letter than an actual credible story.

    after getting back on the freeway it was simply a matter of zoning out as the mile markers ticked off; every now and again some assholish tool would come flying around traffic doing a hundred or more. it seemed like it took a lot longer this time round to get up to the foothills of where the five snakes up through the mountains past the flying j at frazier park and gorman. when mom and i had driven that route a month ago, there was a heavy fog that just sat all over the valley and obscured our vision, so we couldn’t actually see the mountains until the moisture lifted right at the truck split off. however, this time the visibility was perfectly clear yet i felt like a greater amount of time passed by until we actually reached the mountains.

    there wasn’t actually a lot of traffic on the way down. like i said, every now and then we would get drafted by the jackass who thought he was mario andretti; but apart from them and the trucks the road was pretty light. which is nice; heavy traffic southbound means it’ll take you damn near forever and a day to get anywhere. just before you actually get to the mountains, you pass by this humongous ikea distribution center; when i saw it i chuckled and thought that becca k would prolly go ape over seeing it.

    there didn’t happen to be any snow up in the pass this time around. even though it is march, there usually is a fair amount of snow up on frazier mountain until mid-april or so. the temperature outside was pretty fair and we rolled the windows down for a bit to enjoy the clean mountain air (nothing much finer).

    drove past gorman, which is where dad and i have stopped several times before on travels down to los angeles. the first time was when mom, brother and i were still living in redondo beach. dad was driving down from his new job up here in the bay area on christmas eve day, and my brother originally was supposed to go with him, but had gotten sick. instead, i took his place and flew up to sf to accompany dad back down the five for the holidays.

    it was considerably warmer this particular drive than previous times we had passed by.

    as we were coming down out of the mountains towards valencia, mom called us up and informed me that she needed to stop somewhere near magic mountain and gas up. we were following behind them and i kept expecting for them to turn off but they kept going past all the off-ramps. finally, they picked this one route that took us on a most unexpected detour through quite a bit of valencia, finally ending up at an arco station that ironically was right next to an off-ramp further on down the five.

    after using a fairly disgusting gas station bathroom, i called up craig to let him know of our expected eta. we had made some amazing time considering the two stops so far (as dad figures, a five minute stop puts you close to a half hour behind since you have to take time to get back to speed and catch up to where you would have been had you not stopped) and it was just then nearing twelve forty.

    back on the freeway and after about fifteen minutes, dad became panicked when he realized we were already in burbank. technically, it should have been at least an hour or more before we reached the city, and we weren’t even planning on going that far east. something was wrong; all of us fearing some sort of warp in time and space until after consulting the thomas guide, dad discovered the fatal error inherent from our last stop.

    the exit mom’s car had taken had actually brought us south of the split off in the freeway that we should have taken to get to north hollywood, so we began investigating alternate routes to take as traffic increasingly grew thicker along the road and the sky slowly graduated into this thick brownish/green soupy color. finally a path was chosen and we cut our way through burbank past leno’s studio and the disney offices (as well as the hospital that walt disney died in, as my dad likes to point out). i almost crashed the car at an intersection when i began to take notice of all the extremely good-looking women all out and about that afternoon. thankfully, dad was there to remind me to pay attention to the road and i continued through universal city until we got to the cahuenga pass and up past the hollywood bowl.

    finally, we ended up at our first destination: a pre-school ran by a good friend of ours named gloria, whose house we were staying at over the weekend. her class attendance typically involves very high-ranking star’s children; for example the school’s logo was designed by david lynch of twin peak’s fame, and mom has met the son of count bakula. a fire had recently heavily damaged the school, and this particular week there was a crew of people working to get it repaired to re-open on monday. we poked around the building, which was a home converted into a small schoolhouse, and checked out all the work that’s been done so far.

    dad met up with a good friend of ours named allan there as well, and the two of them took off to get some sandwiches from this awesome shop across the street from union station downtown. i made a call to craig during our stop, and was shocked to discover that he had already made it to the manhattan beach pier and had been milling about a while. mom and the two eric’s accompanied gloria to another spot for lunch while i headed down fairfax to la cienega to make my way to the beach towns.

    it was a gorgeous day out and it didn’t take me long to cut the air conditioning and instead roll down all the windows in the car. the ipod was plugged in and i began listening to the album “all that you can’t leave behind” by u2 as i made my way through greater los angeles towards the 405 freeway. starting off from the school, i was very shocked to realize that despite having never actually driven any of the streets in la, i knew my way around perfectly.

    to the point of knowing what was going to be around each corner, or just after each hill. it really threw me for a loop. at first i had been slightly nervous that it would take me a while to figure my way around; that all faded away rather quickly when i discovered that my sense of direction is far better than i previously had given it credit.

    that of course didn’t change the fact that every street was flooded with cars and people all over the place. over the course of several intersections, i came to the conclusion that la doesn’t have more good-looking people; it has about the same number of hot people as any other area but since it has nearly four hundred times the population of any other us city, you just tune out all of the more average people.

    or at least i do. i dunno; i guess i’m just a shallow ass that way.

    every now and then i kept making calls to craig to update him as to my progress towards getting to the pier. finally i made my way past the radio station dad used to work at (kabc) and began speeding happily down the road, as i got closer to the airport. la cienega eventually dumps into the 405, and i hit a huge blockage of traffic that craig had just managed to miss an hour or so earlier. after about three minutes, i remembered that century blvd would take me towards the airport, so i ditched the mess on the freeway and headed off towards lax. i was cruising down by some hotels, when i instinctively made a right turn down one avenue that conveniently lead me exactly where i hoped to be: at sepulveda across from the airport. as i passed through the roadway tunnel under the runways, i held my breath and made a wish for the weekend.

    pretty soon i was driving past familiar landmarks: the sizzler in el segundo; the electronic marquee at a hotel across the street from that sizzler; the way the hotel with the electronic marquee looked like the side of a cruise ship at port. eventually i was riding alongside the el segundo refinery, which meant that rosecrans ave and manhattan beach were just up ahead. looking down at the dashboard with a huge grin on my face, i realized i was doing fifty in a thirty-five zone. whoops.

    thankfully, there weren’t any pigs around to notice. for the most part, manhattan beach has changed very little. in some ways it’s changed drastically, but the same overall vibe was still abundantly present. the beach air was quite soothing and significantly cleaner than what i had been inhaling up in the hollywood hills (even so, the air in the beach towns isn’t nearly as clean as the air up in san mateo).

    i must have looked a giddy fool driving down sepulveda as i drew closer to manhattan beach boulevard. as i got up to the intersection, there was enough of a break in the line of cars to let me sneak into the right turn lane, and passing all the other stopped cars i yelled out the window “sucker!” and laughed maniacally.

    cresting the hill and spotting the pier and downtown mb for the first time in this trip was rather special. one of several major defining moments of the weekend. it was now only a matter of half a moment or so before i would get to see a friend i hadn’t hung out with in person for over six years. there was a bit of congestion traffic wise a few blocks up from the pier, so while crawling down the hill i scanned the groups of people along the sidewalks for recognizable faces. i know it’s stupid, but a part of me still was hoping to see erin at some point. thankfully, she wasn’t to be found along that route.

    a long shot as it was, i still drove all the way down to the parking lot right on the strand in the hopes of securing a spot to leave the camry for a bit. leaning up against one of the posts at the pier of course was craig, who followed me over as i managed to find an open space and squeeze in between two cars that definitely were not compact.

    from the moment i got out of the car, until later that night/saturday morning when craig dropped me off at gloria’s where my family and i were staying, it felt completely natural to be hanging out with him. sure, we’ve stayed in communication online over the past twelve years, but even still we only really got to see each other every four years or so, and for less than a day each time. so, it was both to our surprise that we managed to click and hang out just fine from the get go that afternoon.

    i dug the digital camera from the bag in the back seat, and took a fair amount of pictures of the pier and surrounding beach area. as we did that, i waxed over some anecdotes that craig was interested in, and after standing at the end of the pier on the other side of the roundhouse enjoying the ocean spray that was kicking off the pillars below, we decided to go for a drive around town and check out all my old memorable spots.

    traveled up manhattan ave (not to be confused with manhattan beach blvd) until it dead-ended up by the library, and then took highland north up to marine and showed craig where todd’s old place was. got out and walked up the strand a bit, recalling the time when todd’s dad got out his old search light, and in the dead of night we played a tag like game where everybody had to run and avoid being caught in the spotlight or else they were tagged out. you had to run back to home base, which was the staircase up from the beach over by the lifeguard station.

    got back in the car and drove past grandview elementary, as well as sand dune hill, and then south on highland. those sights included uncle bill’s, the kettle (which recently had a health code issue), and then further down to the end of highland where erin’s house was as well as one of the oldest homes in manhattan beach (on the national register so it can’t be touched). then up onto north valley drive and followed that along to john street to go by the place i used to live at on 8th and pacific. i had known that the original house there had been torn down a while ago and replaced, but i had yet to see what had been built up in it’s place.

    a tradition in the beach towns (mb especially) is to buy an old house or two, bulldoze the lots and old homes, and establish a massive structure that occupies nearly every last square inch of the property lines. the house that replaced my old one certainly adhered to this principle.

    amazingly, i didn’t stop and take any pictures of what is currently sitting on the lot. whoever built it must have had a boner for the east coast, because it looked like it had been airlifted straight out of cape cod. the house itself looked like it was two separate units that were joined together, with a giant courtyard fenced in up the hill from the street. really pretty, just seriously out of place for the area. but then again, all of the houses recently being put up around there have a more decidedly east coast look to them.

    further on down pacific we passed by where my brother went to elementary school, and then up to sepulveda where dad and i used to get bagels every sunday morning before heading off to run the sound at church. took a left and winded our way down to mbi, where i attended those formidably awkward years known as “middle school,” and then to the bottom of the hill where pollywog park and the new manhattan beach middle school now sits.

    drove through a familiar neighborhood to get back up to peck ave (it was the street that a friend of mine lived on, the first place i ever saw a 3d game: castle wolfenstein). we turned south and made our way to mira costa, where we decided to stop for a few moments and walk about the campus. even though most of the gates were locked (it was getting to be four in the afternoon) the main courtyard was still open so we wandered on in. the tall fences were no longer there that caged in the staircase to the history wing where shaun, richard and i used to hang out during lunch during freshmen year, and there was a particular van sitting out in front of the shop class, meaning that both my old woodshop teachers still worked there.

    took craig down the senior walk at the main quad, and then down to the library and where the old pool house used to sit. it was demolished five years ago when the school invested in a brand new multi-million dollar pool at the other end of the campus, and the last time i had come by costa the spot of the old pool building was a grassy field. now in it’s place was a giant brick assortment of rooms; i’m intrigued to find out what is in them now.

    idled by the giant clamshell auditorium fir a few moments, and then walked back through the campus to where the science labs were and the outdoor natural pond that the biology classes used to make extensive use of. there were some cheerleaders still practicing out on the football field, as well as the water polo team walking back to the gym locker rooms. finally, we decided to head out and left costa. it was getting to be about time to head back to the pier since craig’s parking meter was just about up on time, so we took sepulveda north and i pointed out both the store where our family had gotten our first mega computer way back in the day (a 486!!), and the motel my family stayed in the first night we had moved here from new mexico.

    after feeding the meter at the beach, we wandered around the pier a bit more and down the strand some as i took a few more pictures. finally we decided to go drop off the camry where my dad was gonna be hanging out for the rest of the afternoon, and then get us some fatburger. despite my best efforts at keeping craig’s car in my rearview, a few assholes on the streets of hermosa were determined to break our convoy. their efforts were all for not however, since we both ended up out front of allan’s house without having to backtrack or flip a bitch.

    during the wait for dad and allan to get back over to claim the car, craig asked me what’s new and shaking in the mac community, and i informed him that for the most part i had given up on that whole scene. win2k just seems too good right now and there are way too many problems with osx (like the fact that i can’t afford a mac that can run it) that i’ll just stick with what i got now and enjoy.

    allan was more than delighted to show craig some of his interesting collections (an original music box from the 1800’s, a harpsichord, and wax cylinder player) until i interrupted and said we really needed to get some food. craig and i took off in his car to the redondo fatburger where he set the script down on the table with a couple pens for us to make changes as we saw fit. unfortunately the blaringly loud music spewing from the jukebox kept his digital memo recorder from getting anything useful of our conversation, but while munching on french fries and enjoying superb milkshakes we managed to make our way through almost the first act before we sought other, more quiet venues as it grew dark outside.

    first i had a desire to go up to palos verdes as i always seem to when i go back to visit (i really love that place) and we drove through rolling hills and out to portuguese bend where i showed him the house that i eventually want to buy. it’s last listed price was less then ten million dollars yet on a clear day, you can see as far south as huntington beach and to the north you can see all the way to malibu. sadly, during the nighttime the view isn’t always nearly as spectacular, especially when it’s a bit foggy as it ended up being that night. it was still clear enough to see the lights of a cruise ship taking anchor just outside of long beach for the night.

    i was struck with inspiration as to a quiet place to retreat to for further script revisal, and as we neared manhattan village mall, craig decided he wanted to stop into fry’s for a moment to see if ut2004 was in stock there. it wasn’t; so instead we drooled over the apple studio displays and the sony dv-cams before heading script in hand over to the mall. man, talk about a major facelift. the food court was completely gone, and there were a lot more extremely upscale shops there now.

    foolishly as we entered the mall, i attempted to dry swallow a claritin d tablet and instead ended up with the sugar coating of the pill melting all over the inside of my mouth, leaving me desperately seeking a drinking fountain to get rid of the foul paste that was attacking my palette. i managed to salvage the allergy pill and get ride of the taste, and after roaming the mall to find a comfy spot, decided on camping out at the ledge of the coin fountain in the center of the mall. in the back of my mind i kept hoping that erin and whitney would happen past, since i still have this sick infatuation with those two.

    the mall technically closed at nine, although we didn’t get chased out until close to ten when the lights in the atrium started shutting off and the cleaning crews were rolling out their carts. thinking quick, i remembered that the pier is open pretty much 24/7, so once again we went back to the beach and while paying for the meter met this cute blonde who was gonna go walk on the beach with her girlfriend. we didn’t actually realize they were gonna do this until after we got out on the pier and noticed that they had begun walking down by the water. there are tons of clubs and bars clustered around the beach and originally we had just thought they were both going to get hammered, but instead as craig pointed out it was kinda cool that they went for a walk.

    in hindsight, maybe we shoulda joined them, although i am sure it’s prolly a good thing we didn’t. more revising and reading of the script followed; interrupted every so often by the groups of goofy drunk people walking past us to the end of the pier, and a few times by this group of four; two girls and two guys that walked underneath the pier down on the sand with a handy-cam and who were pretty much all but undressed and swimming in the ocean after only a few moments of noisy horseplay.

    just as i finished up reading the screenplay, i got a call on my cell phone at eleven thirty from my family letting me know that they were at the beach playing frisbee if we cared to join them. i walked over to the other side of the pier still on the phone, and told them to look up. it’s a shame but craig and i didn’t go down to the sand and join them in the game, although we did managed to finish up our talks about the script itself for the most part, as well as coming up with all sorts of analogies and extensions of scenes in the film.

    about midnight we decided to finish up the evening with a quick drive past all the clubs to see what the action was like as we covered the actual photography and visual aspects of the movie. the bar action was depressingly meager despite it being a friday night; the only real spots that were hopping were around mb pier and down at the boardwalk in hermosa beach. we swung up through torrance and drove past south high where i had gone for a few years, and then took hawthorne up to lawndale to cut over to where i was staying at gloria’s over the weekend.

    craig came up with an idea for one of the scenes and we began intently coming up with ideas and figuring out the logistics for the effect we wanted, until finally we pulled up to the house and i got out. it was good to hang out with such a great friend once again, although at this point i had now been awake for close to twenty two hours or so, given that i had not really gotten any sleep that previous night in the first place.

    we bid our goodbyes, and as craig sped off to pasadena, i fumbled with the front door at gloria’s until realizing i had to knock and wake up my brother to let me in, both of us promptly falling asleep as soon as we landed on the air mattresses set out for us in the living room.

  • 3.23.2004

    monday morning woke the world with warning 

    damn. it's almost wednesday already?!

    i guess time flies by when you have a massive write-up in the works.

    i'm gonna make three posts to cover the whole trip. i'm just about done writing the first day's material, and that should hopefully be posted on wednesday.

    in the meantime, i gotta shut my computer off. the fucking power supply fan is making that grinding noise again and showing no signs of stopping. i imagine i'm gonna hafta give in and buy a new power supply this week. this shit is ridiculous.

    be on the lookout... post coming up soon.

    in the meantime, go over to www.dasbecca.com where becca has been extraordinarily gracious enough to post my web comic staring lappy the laptop, with many more characters to be introduced over time.

    get ready for some *major* heavy reading extremely soon.....

  • 3.22.2004

    the whole world will be different soon 

    just to let you know, i am returned.

    there of course will be a massive (see: MASSIVE) post chronicling the whole weekend, just as soon as i can figure it all out how to write it without leaving anything out.

    keep checking back......

  • 3.19.2004

    i've reason to believe we all will be received in graceland 

    hopefully you enjoyed the visual foolishness that assaulted your eyes in the last post.

    again like i said before, i have a whole host of ideas and doodles and such that may eventually morph into something more regular.

    friday should be a great day. well, half of it, anyways. the first part of it starts supremely early (like, 6am early) and will probably last until noon or just afterwards. we leave at dawn, stop off in gilroy for some breakfast/hot beverages, and then hit the 5 for four hundred miles until we reach the vast expanse of civilization that is los angeles.

    from there, i intend to meet up with craig at the manhattan beach pier and hang out for a bit.

    enjoy the weather, shoot some pictures (most of which will be posted in my gallery following my return), and then head off to whatever suits us. in theory, i would love to visit a particular list of locations but realistically we may only get around to just a few.

    of course, i fully plan on consuming fatburger that afternoon. if there is time, i’d want to hit-up some chic-fil-a at del amo mall as well, but that may be more wishful thinking.

    later on in the evening, gonna go see michael gondry’s feature film, ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.’ it’s got jim carrey, kirsten dunst, kate winslet, and is directed by one of the greatest music video artists of all time. how can you possibly go wrong?

    i’m a horrible procrastinator. usually when regarding trips, i tend to wait until the absolute last minute before getting things done.

    unlike other trips however, in the past i haven’t actually taken the time to type out an itinerary of the tasks i need to complete before departure. considering how scatter-brained me noggin has been lately, i felt it prudent to catalogue all that i need to accomplish beforehand.

    most of it isn’t really fancy; it’s just basic travel-arrangement bullshit that you always have to do but keep putting off until you’re actually physically leaving. this time i am fully anticipating that i will be able to walk out the door in the morning without worrying that i’ve forgotten anything.

    we’ll see…..

    there prolly won’t be any posts until i return home. since i’ll be back on sunday night, i’m not too worried. you guys will be able to handle things while i’m away.

    a million different tasks are begging for my attention. don’t cry, for soon i shall return.

    and there will be muffins.

  • 3.18.2004

    i was born a hunter in your jungle of sin 

    craig and i are arranging the details for our meetup tomorrow, and for a moment i briefly considered bringing along my vaio notebook so's we could read the script and make changes to it on the fly.

    however, i realized rather quickly that electronic components and salt water/sea air do not mix rather well.

    which brings us this recent lunacy, although i don't know if you could call it "inspired" or not.

    anyways, have a look. it took me an hour to work it all up, and i think this may be the birth of a comic that i'll start making for becca to host in her member's section at her site.

    i have a whole slew of characters in mind, too.

    more about the impending trip coming up after i get off of work later tonight.

  • 3.17.2004

    and when you wanted someone else, i withdrew 

    well, i take back what i said in that post a while back about the mall.

    the mrs. field's stand is now gone. :-(

    possibly just as well, seeing as how i'd prolly spend every last dollar in my grubby hands on cookies during breaks while working at the mall.

    the comic strip for penny arcade today is just classic. perfectly classic.

    so undeniably wrong and twisted.

    and yet.... true and sad at the same time.

    oh. and apparently i lack the proper skillz on how to match dress shirts, pants and ties together. i thought that a light red tie with a maroon shirt and black pants would look good.

    according to everyone else, i am wrong.

    ya know... for as much as i anticipated max payne 2 and yearned for it....

    i still play vice city far more often.

  • 3.16.2004

    don't let this good love slip away 

    note to self: hot & sour soup from pf chang's is extra good at fighting a cold with.

    also to not end sentences with a preposition.

    nyquil aided my sleep quite last night, although when that stuff stops working, it *really* stops working. round six this morning i bolted awake when my sinuses released the dump valves into my nostrils.

    craig and i have been finalizing the plans for hanging out this friday. i can't wait. fatburger. manhattan beach. home.

    i'm prolly just gonna go ahead and register on eHarmony despite not hearing back on the blogger survey just yet. if i take the survey, for the hour's time one is rewarded with fifty dollars; magically the *exact* same amount needed to foster the connection towards my possible one true love out there. christal, if you are reading this: soon!

    time to go watch some futurama before the nyquil kicks in and drops me like a bad habit.

  • 3.14.2004

    holding hands while the walls come tumbling down 

    the lights swirled and spun as my feet made their best efforts to find the ground, along the sidewalk of san jose.

    the walk to the spaghetti factory was only ten yards or so from the parking structure, but in the last hour or so my body had become overwhelmed with the flu bugs that were wreaking havoc all over my insides.

    to the patio dwellers at the brewery next door, i must have looked royally sauced. after nearly colliding with a tree, mom finally grabbed my arm and provided support as we made our way through the alley to the entrance of the restaurant.

    we were greeted with unfortunate news; our family was not the only one that had decided a heaping plate of pasta would make for a wonderful dinner, and thusly the expected wait for a table of five would be close to an hour and half. receiving a pager/coaster, we ambled out into the warm night air and went for a walk around the block.

    well, my family did most of the walking. i myself was more slumped over the arm of mom who again filled the roll of providing me with equilibrium. it's been about six years since i had felt truly as lightheaded and disoriented as this.

    after going around the building for a brief walk/stumble, we headed back inside the foyer of the restaurant to find a few seats had opened up in the waiting area. i promptly fell asleep where i sat, rising suddenly only when there was a lot of commotion from other parties leaving, or walking over to make a reservation.

    it was only about a half hour before we actually did get seated. the duration of the meal i slipped in and out of a hazy fog; where shapes slowly phased in and out in front of me and sounds appeared to shift from all about the room. every now and then i caught the glimpse of this guy across the way who kept giving me nasty looks. i figure my eyes were likely rolled up and my face looked like i was currently having a shop drill pass through my skull, but i wasn't too concerned at that point. not enough to really care, anyways.

    there was also a family at the table next to ours that seemed disturbed at my state of being. again, i wasn't worried or gave two shits about it but every now and then as i scanned the room the best i could, they would be looking over and wondering if i was going to collapse and start bleeding from the mouth.

    the sleep i got during the car ride home was about the only useful rest i would walk away with saturday night. despite going to bed supremely early for myself (ten pm), i kept tossing and turning throughout the night, desperately searching for a comfort zone yet finding only torture.

    no sooner would i wedge myself into a satisfying position then my body would be wracked with coughing fits that sent my swollen throat into spasms of pain, forcing me to bolt upright to keep from choking on the volumous amounts of phlegm that would be disturbed by the violent contractions. sinking back down onto my sofa, i would attempt to focus on the music from the reagan era that floated out from my stereo.

    unfortuantely, even though my computer's fans lately have kept from making any grinding noises, the fans are still loud enough that the white noise that bleeds from the case was amplified greatly in my skull and penetrated to the very depths of my auditory range.

    halfway through the night, i experienced massive pain along my jaw as i had hours ago lost the ability to breath through my nostrils (too obstructed) that i could only draw in gasps of air through my mouth. a while passed and this developed into a full head enveloping migraine/sinus headache combination that throbbed endlessly as i unsuccessfully attempted to sleep.

    finally, the wee hours of the morning drew nigh, and the sun's rays tip-toeing through my window blinds forced me to resign the notion of peaceful slumber, until much later on in the day when after consuming homemade french toast at an arduously slow pace and downing some dayquil, my head's pain was relieved and i collapsed for sorely needed rest.

  • 3.12.2004

    under the moonlight; the serious moonlight 

    so, it's official. i am gonna be a mall easter bunny this season.

    hopefully jay & silent bob don't kick my ass, though.

    i seriously can not wait until next friday. yay! trip to so cal... it's gonna be all kinds of fun.

    well, except for seeing a girl i really had a thing for get married. that part will suck.

    the other night i was noticing how anytime you see paris hilton in a photo or magazine, she *always* has her eyes looking right at the camera. like, she is checking to make sure there is a camera nearby.

    where as truman burbank would prolly yelp in fear the next time he saw any kind of camera, i would be willing to bet that paris feels naked or alone without a camera documenting her every move.

    lately it's been really nice out, even at three in the morning. instead of getting below "freeze your ass off" temperatures, it's been about seventy-five or eighty over a consistent tweny-four hour period. that's always so refreshing. i was half tempted to go for a walk earlier this morn (early as in read: four am) but decided against it. i really did need some sleep.

    becca's new iteration of her site is now up! go check it out, it's well designed and looks like it will become a great community.

    check out julie as well. she's got a very intriguing poem right now. mike also has a nice piece about moving (something i can relate to).

    gonna go grab some eats with nathan tonight, and then catch wil wheaton's guest stint on "best week ever," broadcasted on vh1.

    other than that, i just need to rent a suction pump to clear out my sinuses and give me the luxury of sampling oxygen once more.

  • 3.11.2004

    down below the cars in the city go rushing by 


    i have been infected with the ubiquitous cold that everybody seems to be plauged with.

    why is that whenever i get sick, the only thing that happens time and again is my sinuses get stopped up and i have a sore throat? i mean, not like diahrrea or vomiting are any fun, but a sore throat is no walk in the park either.

    and my sinuses are usually receiving hellacious volleys from mother nature anyways. can't a guy get a break? or at least a breath?

    thankfully, i have a supply of orange juice and airborne. also went to piazza's yesterday and got chicken noodle soup for lunch.

    that stuff is just great. seriously, their blends of soup are incredible. soup nazi worthy, even.

    at least inspiration also struck me blindside yesterday. as i read a pamphlet covering all the steps one needs to do to get a dvd published and such, epiphanies abounded and the end result was a prelim design illustration for the film poster/dvd case lining for craig and mine's project. yay! and craig said he really liked it. hopefully my idea makes it to the print stage (still a good seven or eight months away).

    i'm really getting excited about this project. the first major tackle has been acheived, craig finishing up the screenplay. now we need to get the funding and shoot the action. of course, finding funding may prove more difficult than getting the script down on paper (thankfully craig dealt with the inspiration part). i downloaded the e-manual for the camera we are getting (canon xl1) so that by the time we actually get it i should know how to work the thing in my sleep. i'm just a techno-geek like that, i guess.

    hopefully this film is the springboard for the both of us to other endeavors. i'm conflicted, because i really want this to succeed, but i don't want to jinx it by hoping for too much and than experiencing failure.

    essentially, avoiding the whole mind fuck i got into when i applied to plu last spring and then was denied even after everybody including the professor i sent my audition to said i was a shoe-in.

    let's just hope that this year's adventurers yeild significantly more propsperous rewards.

    in the meantime, i gotta go drink some oj and suck on several ricola's at a time in the hopes of beating down the scores of bacteria working from with-in to destroy me.

  • 3.10.2004

    all day long i'm sitting singing songs for everyone 

    in a world that seemingly has pissed away all hope for humanity's continued existence, there ocassionally is the shining star of loving parents that becca and jason are. parents like them who show the love and care for their child that they do are proof that there is still some good left in this society.

    one of the things i really like about working at the hotel i have been in the last few months is that their elevators don't have expired service tags. at one of the properties i worked, all of the lift certification tags had been three years plus expired. most hotels i have discovered have elevators that haven't had renewed operating licenses or inspections for at least a year or more.

    even though mom thinks i'm full of it, most of the time i am quite capable of telling the difference between tea with caffiene and tea that lacks it, simply by smell. there is just something about caffienated tea that is different from non. of course, i have always been blessed (cursed?) with an abnormally sensitive gift of smell. guess it makes up for my less than perfect eye-sight.

    which is why i am kinda upset that our house still has the lingering scent of standing water coming up from under the floor. may hafta call again to have the remaining water pumped out (some more water got under the house from that natural spring after they sucked all the water out and sprayed bleach all over the ground).

    i'm toying with watching a movie right now (1:30 am PST), but can't decide between fight club, american beauty, raising arizona, or mib. i would watch contact again but i don't care to go to sleep at five in the morning.

    season three of futurama is available on dvd, hurrah! i gotta see if i can juggle expenses to pick myself up a copy.

    margolis said he would check my blog if i mentioned him in a post. so get your butt over here, dude.

    an annoying habit i have is getting extremely giddy during parts of a tv show or movie. this wave of excitement passes over me and i just can't help but feel extremely happy when something funny or incredibly awesome happens on screen. i've been told by friends that it is quite distracting, especially when i start to quote films verbatim (i usually am able to remember every line in a film after two viewings). it's intriguing; i only seem to quote films when watching with other people; i never do it when alone. i'm not sure why.

    oh. for some reason, my blog has been having trouble loading the past few days. if this happens, just hit refresh; that seems to load it up. my apologies for that issue. might be some maintenance going on with blog*spot. hopefully the problem goes away on it's own. or just ignore it, like i do with the giant squid.

    looks like barry sonnenfeld gets my vote tonight.

  • 3.09.2004

    three two one i'm the bomb 

    *draws a blank*


    the plumbing downstairs is FINALLY fixed. only took.. what? three.... four weeks?

    i'm dying to get back to using *my* shower and not the other ones in the house. bro's shower only has a curtain (hate curtains) and the shower in the master bedroom has a door that swings out *in front of the towel rack,* so as soon as you open the door to get your towel all the heat escapes and you're left there shivering like a penguin.

    but alas, i have work this evening so i'll hafta give the new pipes a thorough check-up when i get back later on.

    been driving with the top down again lately. it just seems way too nice not to. ever since last fall when my back window was destroyed (the zipper broke so i can't close the window anymore) i've just been driving with the top up and pretending there isn't a huge blast of wind crawling down my neck.

    i'm getting sick of all the stupid political bullshit arguments going on around here lately. it's only gonna get worse the closer we draw to election date in november. the next time somebody tries to tell me what i should believe or vote for i'm seriously gonna lay them out with a frying pan.

    had some odd dreams last night. one of them involved this cabin up in some mountains made out of legos. myself and a bunch of people were running around playing a "live" videogame in which we were actually the characters. stuff like people would keep grabbing another and leaping out a window with them in an effort to kill them on the ground below. somehow, i always managed to spin around during the fall and end up landing on my opponent, who of course suffered the consequences.

    last night was a first in a long time for me as well. i went to bed, and fell *asleep* before twelve thirty. quite amazing. i still ended up waking up at nine. guess i still needed to recover from the other night.

    this should be a good place to end this entry for now.

    but there will be more later, trust me.

  • 3.08.2004

    i need a fix cuz i'm going down 

    man. today has taken *forever* to go by.

    perhaps that's why i'm not a morning person at all. after dropping mom off at her new job earlier today, it seemed like a year until noon came, and even now it doesn't feel like time is going by any.

    of course, that can be a good thing. since i keep noticing that time usually passes me by in the diamond lane while i'm stuck at the onramp.

    lately i've dropped back into a beatles phase. starting with when i slipped into a quasi-nap state yesterday, i kept pulling up beatles playlists to listen to. dunno why all of a sudden i am jonesing for the fab four.

    two weeks until i go to redondo. i can hardly wait. of course, there is the unpleasantness of seeing a good friend get hitched (explanation will arrive eventually), but i also get to see this other gal that i always had a thing for. even though this time will be no different from any other time she and i have been in the same vicinity. which is to say, nothing will happen.

    the camry's return has been delayed. turns out the dealership never ordered the damn bumper, so the body shop swore to us today that they would get the part in this afternoon and have the car ready tomorrow morning. we'll see.

    craig and i are trying to figure out names for the characters in the film. may not be asking some peeps to use their monikers after all i guess. i still am lobbying for it, tho.

    moonlight muse had an interesting post about if you were to go on a blind date, and the only way they get to know something about you is with a box of twelve items in it that best represent you, what would they be.

    my box:

    a camera
    photoshop package
    an iPod with music on it
    simpsons figure
    a valentines chocolate heart
    great biggie fries from wendy's
    pair of vans
    video game console system
    bag of m&ms

    your turn.

  • 3.07.2004

    well on the way, head in the clouds 

    spring is here.

    how do i come by this knowledge?


    i am hornier than a cat in a microwave.

    this morning, of course i was faced with the perplexing issue of going to sleep for a meager two hours or staying awake. i took the path of least resistence, which basically means i passed the fuck out until seven am.

    even though i was horribly exhausted after the service (managed to play pretty good despite lacking sleep, an audio sample of my drum playing from the morning may be posted soon), i decided to forgo heading back to bed and instead accompanied mom and pop out to half moon bay to walk along miramar beach. the weather lately has been abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous, so we took advantage of the peace offering mother nature has casually tossed our way and embraced the warm sun and surf.

    i brought along the iPod and listened to 'all that you can't leave behind' by u2, as well as my custom coldplay list. i know, bringing an iPod to the beach and listening to music kinda defeats the purpose of going to the beach, but it was nice to hear the ocean crashing in the background with music. i only wished i had brought a hat since the sun was shining in just that right spot to force you to squint (despite wearing sunglasses) or have to look down at the ground.

    saw a few homes i would be most pleased with if i could purchase, although i still would rather ending up on the strand in redondo/hermosa more.

    after a couple hours of indulging in the pacific ocean and it's glory, we drove back home past all the weekend traffic stuck heading out to the beach on 92.

    the most direct and only convenient way to get to the beach is a one lane road that winds through ten miles of hills, and over the summer you can expect to wait about two hours give or take to get to the beach.

    that is, unless of course you know of the uber l337 secret road that my brother and i found one boring afternoon four years ago.

    craig sent me the script, and i beheld the awesomeness that will be our film. truly, i hope that people really dig this thing. i have a feeling that a lot of people in our generation will enjoy the film.

    for god's sake, i really hope.

    i also gotta ask some special people permission, cuz i want to use their names for characters in tribute. obviously the characters are NOT representations of their real-life namesakes; just thought it would be cool to tip the hat to several really awesome people by using their name in our project. if craig approves, of course.

    rivera's party last night was sweet. cherise brought some fiber optic light wands that i was fascinated by and spent many hours waving them around (i can't glowjob or anything, i just twirling the luminated goodness), until lena would steal one of them and manage to kill the green led in it. panda's friend matt was able to fix it everytime, and at one point lena even just stared at the stick and the green went away. she was evil and hated on the green.

    pictures of the party are online. cherise took these, so they are a bit smaller in image size than i normally like. oh well.

    a nice dinner at in n' out helped wrap up this evening.

    go check out beasta's blog. it looks pretty cool.

    now i just gotta decide if i can afford to spend the fifty bucks to buy a full subscription on eHarmony to contact the match they found for me.

  • wake me up before you go-go 

    it is beyond the point of no return:

    five o'clock in the morning and i need to wake up at seven or so to get ready for practice before the service.

    basically, if i go to sleep right now, at best i get maybe an hour and half, possibly two hours of rest before having to get up again. in the past, taking the opportunity to sleep in situations like this meets with great failure; oftentimes i am either not able to wake up again, or wake up supremely late.

    however, if i go on the assumption that i can make it until eleven before passing out, i risk the chance that i will lose the last remaining embers of stamina i have left and crash like a wounded fighter jet.

    saturday morning we all drove down to valley faire mall in san jose, to peruse some shops and accquire some specific items. during this endeavor, i started to become angry and bitter for a pretty stupid reason, and by the time we left the mall i was in deathmarch mode. i seriously was stewing and couldn't care to deal with people in general for quite a while.

    this was not aided by the fact that i devoured a cinnabon for lunch, instead of something more wholesomely nutricious and substantial.

    when we got home, i laid down to take a nap. set my alarm clock for five pm. i got back out of bed at seven pm.

    rolled over to target, still in a rather foul mood, and then armadillo willie's for some bbq grub.

    dinner seemed to do the trick. my usual cheerful demeanor was restored, and i headed off with nathan to san leandro for rivera's birthday party.

    unfortunately a lot of people were out of town this weekend, so the crowd wasn't nearly as big as it has been in previous years. still, there was a decent selection of friends and associates to mingle with, drink and listen to panda's latest mix on the stereo.

    which brings me to here, five am. dead fucking tired, and faced with the probability that i will be passed out for the majority of the afternoon, quietly slumbering away.

  • 3.06.2004

    still i say it just to reach you; julia 

    anger! pivot had to go and delete becca's post and make her mad.

    grrrr. it reminds me of the times blogger devoured my posts and i had forgotten to copy all of the text to the clipboard.

    anyways, send her warm fuzzies. her husband already gave her a massage, so hopefully that helped quite a bit.

    omg!!! if this really is the blog of steve jobs, then i seriously need to get a mop and paper towels. steve jobs in the blogging world.... one could only hope and dream.

    yes yes, despite the anti-iTunes stuff i said a few posts back.

    my evening: ate really great pizza, played some poor rounds of pool, checked out semi-hot gals at the poolhall, came back home.


  • 3.05.2004

    gonna write me up a one twenty five 

    obnoxious laughter is generally the response you will get from me when somebody starts badmouthing the freeway system in the city of angels.

    while it is true that there are literally hundreds of intersecting, intermingling massive slabs of asphalt criss-crossing all througouht the greater los angeles area and orange county, it's for the most part very well organized. if the freeway you are on is jammed, hop off and pick any number of other freeways that head in the same direction you wish.

    failing that, bail to city streets since the layout of la is essentially this giant grid that continues beyond the horizon. point being, there are at least several ways to get where you need to go to.

    quite the opposite of the oakland/east bay area.

    the person who designed the roads over there must have had chaos governing his judgement.

    hell, inhale a pile of concrete, and then sneeze in the general direction of a city. there you have it; the transit mess that exists all over in oak town.

    it's the little personal touchs that make the trip oh so delightfully enjoyable; freeway signs that say west actually refer to offramps that take you to a road that heads east, and east generally means south or possibly north, depending on how close to emmeryville you are.

    on good days, the 880 is only backed up twenty miles. if there's a sporting event going on, forget it. you might as well drive east out to the valley, take interstate five north, and then loop back west to get around the scene.

    i used to think the five was laid from the hand of satan himself; however after today i have ammended my view. give me the five any day. it's better than fighting with east bay traffic.

    of course, other than going to leo's pro audio, why the hell would you even want to bother with oakland in the first place?

    i sure don't.

  • 3.04.2004

    nuclear war; on the dance floor 

    julie posted a link on her blog pertaining to chernobyl.

    as i had managed to pique her interest with the comment about lebowski fest, so has she piqued mine by presenting this link.

    it's this interesting site from a kiev gal named lena, who rides through the dead zone on her motorcycle and takes pictures of the area.

    fanning the flames of my fascination.

  • get into the groove boy you gotta prove 

    before i begin, also give best wishes to cortney as well who is suffering from the ominpresent cold which is set on destroying the free world.

    oh. this is a bit of a long post. fair warning.

    my gripping saga with itunes continues:

    having experienced a rather frustrating issue with 4.1 of the popular apple music manager program, i heeded the advice of david and installed 4.2, which included arguing with the installer for several minutes that i did in fact have a previous version of itunes already installed.

    however, the original problem exhibited persists.

    first, lemme start off by explaining exactly what itunes does, to the uninhibited computer users out there in cyberspace. itunes is similar to other more popular mp3 playback programs such as winamp, in that they… well, playback mp3s. this trait is where the similarity ends, though.

    whereas winamp is designed more to be a nitty gritty mp3 workhorse, itunes was designed to be more than just a rugged player; it is what is called a “music manager.”

    this essentially means that the program takes all of the music files that you have, and creates shortcuts to them, so that you have quick and easy access to all of your playlists, instead of being resigned to load only one playlist at a time. this way, it brings all of your music to your grimy fingertips in one convenient window, instead of hunting through menus and whatnot to get to the auditory goodness. it puts a pretty face on top of the intimidating “searching through folders” thing.

    this feature is extremely clever. or rather, would be if it worked, that is. the problem; itunes seems to take issue with playlists that include music files that are not located directly inside of the itunes music folder. this, despite the program being a music manager whose primary task is to keep track of music stored all over your hard drive.

    situation: i go about importing a playlist into itunes, and everything is cool. it plays back my music, i am happy, and the universe is fairly balanced. the gods are happy.

    at the end of listening to music, i shut off itunes and go off to photoshop the faces of friends and family into feature film still images captured from dvds. or i go to nuke tortillas sprinkled with mozzarella and taco bell sauce in the cancer box. at any rate, the application is closed until a future time.

    later on, when the inclinations to hear chords, rhythms, and vocal arrangements strike me, i fire up itunes to discover that the imported playlist no longer is able to locate the original music files. even though the mp3s are still in the exact same spot on my hard drive as before, itunes has summarily forgotten about them and rendered the imported playlist as neutered as ted turner. somehow i have been stricken with misfortune! i have upset the cyber deities.

    from this point, i have to re-import the playlist so that itunes can once again be informed as to where to find the juicy mp3 files it so wishes to devour. but i also have to clear out the previously imported playlist of the same name, as it has been rendered limper than carson dillhole and if left unchecked, would eventually clutter up the entire playlist window with the same dead links a thousand times over. even though itunes is supposed to be able to keep track of my files regardless of what folder they are located in.

    one might suggest re-locating my files all to the same folder, but there are several pressing concerns that dissuade me. the most important being file space considerations. as it is that i have ripped my entire cd collection into mp3 format (to go on the ipod and for backup), and have nearly three gigs of music files, i am not apt to begin shlepping them all over my hard drives in order to make itunes happy. after all, itunes is supposed to be able to keep track of my files regardless of what folder they are located in.

    being that my music is shared across the local network so that i can use the laptop on wifi to access my mp3 collection without having to sacrifice all the precious free space on the limitedly small laptop hard drive, when i moved some files into the itunes music folder, it forbade me from sharing the folder on any networks! the riaa feels that my ability to freely access music that i legitimately paid for from any room of this house is an outrageous violation of copyright law! besides, itunes is supposed to be able to keep track of my files regardless of what folder they are located in.

    so, what we basically have here is a music manager that seems reluctant to manage my music….

    oh wait…. ok yeah… i get it now. the program isn’t supposed to work! silly me!

    apple seems to be up to their old tricks again, making shit that is slick and pretty yet utterly functionless.

  • 3.03.2004

    records start to play (play) bodies start to sway (sway) 

    yay! yesteray i was informed that a recent client mentioned me with praise in a letter to this new hotel.

    and i find it interesting to note that my former boss at the bigger hotel left a rather annoyed voicemail today.

    from now on, i need to call them to let them know what availability i have each week.

    .......... *crickets chirping*........ excuse me?? they don't call me or give me any hours at that location for THREE months, and now all of a sudden *i'm* the bad guy because i can't take their last-minute bullshit early morning shifts due to other work related commitments at a different location?

    fuck. just when i start to enjoy my job again after spending time at a smaller property, the company just has to extend it's wonderful arm of molestation down my shorts.

    hell, the boss there originally wanted to move me to another hotel anyways because he never cared for my methods. which was fine by me; the guy was beginning to creep the hell out of me when he started (what seemed like) hitting on me.

    i'm gonna ask my new boss if i can be permanently transferred to this property. i'm sick of the bullshit the bigger hotel in sj keeps giving me.

    sorry bout that. had to vent. i really need an angry dome.


    becca is feeling sick! everyone pray or wish or hope that she has a speedy recovery. being sick sucks; it seems like just about everybody who isn't myself is being eaten alive by bacterialogical infection.

    not cool.

    i've been thinking about reviving my plans for a webcomic, though i'm not sure if that would be a good idea right now.

    as it is, craig and i are gearing up to film the movie sometime in the near future, and the commitment which that will require pretty much negates working for four or five days at a time on illustrations for a webcomic, at least in the form i initially was hoping.

    however, i have been considering more seriously about taking the graphic novel/noir stuff i experimented with and making a more continuous story, a saga consisting of several volumes of storylines.

    that is of course, if i come up with a decent story to write about. send me positive thoughts and maybe the lightning that is inspiration shall strike me (hopefully not dead) and then i will embark on the arduous but ultimately rewarding task of producing the greatest story ever told.

    or maybe i'll pull a kevin smith and go for dick and fart jokes. who knows?

    i sure as hell don't.

    in the meantime, i gotta go bask in the rich embrace that is sleep, and float aloft on a cloud of happiness that spirals on upwards towards the shing star of destiny.

    until my alarm clock spews forth a shrill tone into my ears, rendering me deaf for a portion of the morning.

  • 3.02.2004

    smile on your brother everybody get together 

    two more blogs of note to check out and enjoy:

    julie and mike. both of them are good writers, and are a treat to read.

    spread the love!

    meanwhile, i'll be at work. helping out the very pretty danish lady who is our current client.


  • the man and me will do nearly any task 

    it would figure. i just now found out about this.

    had i known sooner, i definitely woulda rolled my ass up to sin city to hob knob with the dude.

    ah well.

    work was ok this afternoon. i'm finding i like it much better at a smaller property, as opposed to bigger hotels that have lots and lots of people.

    it's nice and quiet at this hotel, and the staff actually all get along! the engineering team aren't trying to start a war with the a/v department, and everyone is friendly.

    not that they weren't friendly down in san jo; just that with a lot more convention space, you have a lot more clients and therefore much more stress.

    here, it's nice and quiet save for the hourly caltrains that roll past. although there isn't really a dedicated office for us (we share the office space of the banquet team), it works itself out because it's usually pretty sedate and relaxed.

    and there aren't nearly the miles of endless hallways and service corridors that the big hotel had.

    perhaps i'll get the photo gig over at the mall as well, and i'll be able to remember what it's like to have a decent amount of money in my bank account again.

    time to go watch conan with tiffany.

  • 3.01.2004

    he rolled down the window and he started to say, 'it's all about making that gta' 

    omg omg omg!


  • the same old thing we did last week 

    the universe seems intent on keeping 'that 70's show' and me apart. either work or dinner manage to coincide with the local syndication timeslots for the show.

    it seems that the only time the episodes i haven't seen are aired during the nights when i am unable to watch.

    although, if the only problem in my life was that i couldn't watch a tv show, i imagine i'd be pretty well off.

    unfortunately, it is not.

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